Royal Baby Alert: Prince Charles Steals The Spotlight In New Photos With His Parents — Prince Guillaume And Princess Stéphanie

Prince Charles Princess Stéphanie Guillaume Child Photo

The British Royal Family is not the only one enjoying a lot of attention from beloved fans worldwide.

Its counterparts in Luxembourg are also quite active on social media. A recent release of new photos featuring royal baby Prince Charles of Luxembourg has taken social media by storm.

In new pictures shared online, via the Luxembourg charity Friends of Museums, the cute and curious young royal could be seen sitting on his mother’s lap as they read a book.

Seven-month-old Prince Charles appeared delighted to be diving through the pages of the illustrated book about museums.

At the end of 2020, many followers of the family fell in love with the baby all over again after a series of holiday pictures were released.

Royal fans have expressed their admiration for little Prince Charles with various comments pointing out features that he apparently shares with both of his parents — Prince Guillaume and Heredity Grand Duchess Stéphanie.

The adorable pictures were executed in a very stylish manner, with a strong focus on the Christmas decorations featured around the family’s palace.

One of the photos showed the Prince’s fascination with the lights and ornament on the Christmas tree.

While in another picture, the family of three cuddled together on the ground, evoking even more admiring responses from their fans.

A delighted Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume spoke about the arrival of his first child by saying: “It said it was probably the most incredible day that we will have in our life. To be able to greet the child that comes into one’s life is the most magical thing, parenting, a couple can have.”

The Luxembourg Royal Family has not been as active on social media as some members of the British royals, but they have still been doing their best to maintain that connection with their fans and to keep them up to date on their current life affairs.

And it seems like this is only the tip of the iceberg as there are likely even more cute junior royal photos coming, according to recent reports.

While the family might not be that inclined to share deeper insights into their personal lives, they have been keeping fans engaged and entertained with plenty of pictures of their newborn.

The parents are also preparing the child for a future where all eyes will be on him — although that is admittedly quite far away into the future at this point.


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