Child Brings Dad’s Heroin To School, Gets Him Arrested, And Says It Makes Him Feel Like A Superhero — He Was Already Out On Bail On Drug-Related Charges

Benny Garcia Kindergartener Takes Dad’s Heroin

A 5-year-old boy reportedly shocked his kindergarten teachers by claiming that he had transformed into Spider-Man after he ate some magical substance that he found in his father’s bedroom.

The incident happened recently at H.B. Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke, Massachusetts, when the small child went to his teachers with a small bag that was full of heroin and bore the stamp of the popular Marvel superhero on.

After the child showed his teachers the bag, claimed it was his father’s, and excitedly explained how he tasted some of the substance, he was immediately rushed to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

The quick examination showed that the child was healthy and in good overall condition, and luckily his organism may not suffer any adverse consequences. He did not ingest any of the dangerous substance.

According to Holyoke Police Lt. James Albert, the kid was a huge fan of Spider-Man, and the policeman also added that he and his colleagues were all taken by surprise by what had happened since such things did not occur often.

Albert explained: “[The boy] loves Spider-Man. Our officers were quite taken by it all. You don’t often deal with this.”

Following the incident, police authorities searched for and found the boy’s father — 29-year-old Benny Garcia.

Garcia was sleeping when the police showed up for his arrest, and also, the officers discovered 170 more of the heroin bags with the same Spider-Man stamp in Garcia’s bedroom, as well as some amount of cocaine.

Reportedly, when Garcia was told what happened to his son in the court, he became very emotional but pleaded not guilty of drug possession nevertheless.

Assistant District Attorney Matthew Green shared: “The kindergarten student told the teacher that when he eats or tastes the powder, he turns into Superman. The officers located the same sort of baggie (of) heroin stamped ‘Spider-Man’ that the child brought to school in a dresser drawer of the defendant’s bedroom.”

The dad is already out on bail for a 2018 drug-related case. The story has gone viral, and some commenters are having a field day with the details.

One commenter wrote: “All my dad ever sent me to school with was a soggy sandwich. These kids so ungrateful.”

A second person added: “I didn’t always get along with my mom, but stories like this make me grateful for who Allah did put in my life.”

According to the decision made by Judge William Rota, Garcia will remain in custody until his hearing on November 20.


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