Ryan Kaji, YouTube’s Top-Earning Star, Is Set To Have A Great 2021 Thanks To This Big Decision Taken By His Parents

Ryan Kaji YouTube Top-Earning Star

Many people have made a living off YouTube, with some becoming millionaires and major players through their work on the platform — but Ryan Kaji has taken matters to a whole other level.

And at the age of 9, Ryan Kaji is a shining example of the endless possibilities offered by YouTube, and many are inspired to see his journey through the ranks.

Recently, the young star was named the #1 top-earning celebrity on YouTube by Forbes, and his parents are just getting started with their latest move to launch a production company.

The child made nearly $30 million from his channel, which boasts over 41 million subscribers, (the number almost doubled that of his 23 million subscribers in 2019).

By the looks of things, his fame is spreading outside of social media at this point. Ryan Kaji reportedly earns more than well-known names like Mr. Beast and Markiplier, all through his popular channel Ryan’s World.

The channel’s central themes revolve around house-based science experiments, toy reviews, conducting DIY science experiments with his mother, Loann.

He also plays games, teaching young viewers simple tasks like tying their shoes and other activities that seem to entice his fellow kids.

He also has a series on Nickelodeon, titled Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. According to reports, not only them but also the channel is enjoying quite a lot of popularity with adults.

2020 has been particularly exciting in this regard, as the pandemic forced many people to evaluate new opportunities for earning their living, and some have turned to platforms like YouTube and Twitch to seek success.

And while many struggle to even get off the ground, some have managed to do quite well for themselves, according to reports. Ryan’s World amassed 12.2 billion views between the Junes of 2019 and 2020.

2021 is already looking great for the boy, according to his father, Shion, who revealed that they now have a 30-person production company, Sunlight Entertainment, in their home state of Texas, and they plan to keep pushing the brand.

He shared: “When we started our own company, the first thing we did was make sure Ryan was always the central part of the brand. We tried to create a universe around Ryan, but within that universe there are animated characters that are friends of Ryan, and their personalities are based on Ryan’s basic attributes. When [fans] watch the content through those characters, they still feel the connection they have with Ryan.”

Shion also explained why the brand is so popular: “I feel like Ryan’s relationship with his fans is very unique and different from talent on TV. His relationship with his fans is more of a friendship where every time we meet Ryan’s fans and their family, they always mention, ‘Oh, my son or daughter thinks they are Ryan’s best friend.'”

The young media personality appears to be on an extraordinary path.


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