Lili Luo, Socialite Who Plunged To Death From Penthouse With Baby In Arms, Wrote Emotional Messages On Instagram About Her Life

Lili Luo Socialite Daughter Aier Hong Kong Penthouse

A woman and her baby, who fell to their deaths just over a week ago, have been identified by local media as American-Chinese socialite Lili Luo and her daughter, Aier.

Lili Luo, who was a 34-year-old mother of one, fell from her penthouse in Yau Me Tei, Hong Kong, holding her 5-month-old daughter.

She was found naked on the ground below, and both were pronounced dead at the scene. The police released a statement that did not identify the woman and her child but did indicate that an autopsy would be taking place to try and confirm any underlying causes of their deaths.

Lili Luo was born in China but moved to Hong Kong when she was four years old. In recent years she has been seen in photographs with big names and celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Rita Ora. She is the only daughter of a China-based real estate businessman and tycoon, Lin Luo.

An Instagram account that is reported to have belonged to Lili Luo shows the last time she posted as November 14, when she wished her followers a Happy Diwali.

She also made posts last year, which included photos of her baby daughter, Aier, in which she spoke about her unconditional love for her child and expressed positivity and solidarity with other single mothers.

Lili Luo confessed: “My new definition of #unconditionallove is… no matter how much you think/feel that you don’t need/want me, I can still be around and smile at you with a pumping ❤ #inspiration #newlymama #mamahood #mamalovesyou.”

Lili Luo also posted on November 7 to mark 100 days since her baby was born, describing Aier as “God’s way to give me perspective on life.”

In the caption, she thanked her daughter for “showing up” as she spoke of her birth and celebrated the first hundred days with her baby.

She wrote: “It is Aier’s 100th day for being in our World. She is God’s way to give me perspective on life. Thank you for showing up in my life my beloved daughter. #100thday #mamahood #love #grateful 🥰”

As part of the investigation into the deaths of Lili Luo and daughter Aier, authorities will be looking further at whether Luo was suffering from post-partum depression in the months before her death.

Lili Luo confirmed that she was a single mother who sometimes felt sad despite having the finest things in life.

In one post, she revealed that she would go on a shopping spree to drown her sorrow when she was not well.


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