Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Shared This Adorable Photo That Left Some Royal Fans Shocked And Disappointed

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Thank You Card Sent To Royal Fans After Christmas

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sent out thank you notes to fans who wrote to them over the Christmas period last year.

A photograph of the card sent out by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was shared on Twitter by a fan account on Tuesday, saying that the card had just arrived that same day.

The front of the card was a photo of the couple while on their first international tour together in October 2018, when they visited Dubbo in Australia as part of a 16-day trip, which also included New Zealand and Fiji.

Prince Harry delivered a speech to a crowd of local people, while Meghan Markle stood next to him and held an umbrella to shield her husband from the rain — a scene which became the subject of their thank you card.

The couple is dressed more casually than usual in the photo, which harks back to their former lives as senior royals.

On the back of the photo was a short note from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, thanking the recipients for their “thoughtful messages” at Christmas.

The message read: “Thank you for your thoughtful message. We appreciate your kind words and the time you have taken to write to us on this special occasion.”

Royal fans, who had received a thank you note from the couple last year, were quick to note that this year’s message was more informal.

The note this year had been written from a first-person perspective, while last year’s card appeared to be written on behalf of the Duke and Duchess and referred to them as “Their Royal Highnesses” — titles which they are no longer allowed to use in conjunction with their work.

On Twitter, the account sharing the photo also noted that letters for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still appear to be handled by Clarence House — this revelation left many baffled and upset because the couple has stepped down from their royal duties and have fled England.

Many supporters of the British royal family have a problem with Prince Harry and his wife over the way their exit happened.

The Twitter account that shared the photo explained: “The Sussexes 2020 Christmas Reply arrived today! (And yes, their mail is still be handled by the Correspondence Section at Clarence House).”

Meanwhile, some royal fans were disappointed not to see the couple’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, featured on the card.


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