Kimora Lee Simmons Introduces Her New Child To The World In Family Portrait

Kimora Lee Simmons Adopts Boy Gary

Kimora Lee Simmons has confirmed that she has taken an enormous life decision recently, as the fashion mogul delivered the news that she has adopted a 10-year-old boy named Gary.

The surprising expansion of Kimora’s family was first announced when one of her daughters, Aoki Simmons, shared a photo of the happy mother on social media, in which all of her five children surround her.

The post was met with a lot of excitement among Kimora’s followers, and many were curious about who is the little boy in the family portrait.

However, the 44-year-old businesswoman was quick to clear the situation up and did not hold anything back from her fans.

The public praised Kimora’s decision to adopt a child, and a lot of people congratulated her actions.

One fan commented he was brought to tears by how genuinely loving the fashion mogul was to all of her children and that there was a special place in heaven for her.

At the same time, another social media follower wrote it was great of her to give her new son a family to look forward to.

A person reached out to the fashion mogul to express her joy, saying: “I just love all that you are as a person Kimora. It brings tears to my eyes, how genuinely enjoying all CHILDREN you are. There’s a special place in HEAVEN for you.❀️”

Another congratulatory message said: “Congratulations on your new addition. It’s great that you give your new son a family to look forward to. May more kids are adopted in 2020.πŸ™πŸΎ”

Kimora responded to the positive messages with a short comment: “My son. New additionπŸ™πŸΌ.”

This fan responded to the big news by saying: “I was wondering the same thing, but I felt it was too rude to ask bc it’s really none of our business, but she still shared. I love the fact she can open her home and heart to other people. She might be hard on people (per her old tv show), but she seems to do it out of love.”

This is not the first time the former model’s maternity instincts come into the spotlight, as in an interview from a couple of years ago, she spoke about the responsibilities and struggles of being a celebrity and a mother.

According to her, it was not always easy because the paparazzi’s attention could make her children a little nervous, even though they loved photo shoots and modeling.

Besides Gary, Kimora is also a mother to two daughters Ming and Aoki, and two sons — Kenzo and Wolfe.


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