Meghan King Edmonds Breaks The Internet By Removing Her Coat In Racy Video That Left ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Fans Speechless

Meghan King Edmonds Video Real Housewives Of Orange County

Meghan King has posted a new video to Instagram taking part in the viral “Buss It Challenge” in a raunchy outfit from a recent photoshoot.

On Monday, 36-year-old Meghan King Edmonds — who used to be a regular on Real Housewives of Orange County — appeared to be midway through a photoshoot when she took a few minutes to record a revealing video as part of social media’s latest challenge frenzy.

The “Buss It Challenge” encourages social media users to film themselves in two separate clips — one where they are fully clothed and another where they bend down and dance or twerk in a more revealing outfit.

The first part of the video is accompanied by Nelly‘s “Hot In Here,” while the second part gives the challenge its name as people dance or twerk along to “Buss It” by Erika Banks.

Meghan King chose a vibrant outfit to start off with, modeling a gorgeous bright green jacket and matching high-waisted pants.

The former reality TV star accessorized the colorful clothing with a gold bralette, matching gold belt, gold chain, and long gold earrings.

When the track changes, King bends down, and the video switches to show her in black lacey lingerie, with stockings and brown hiking boots as she bends down and dances to the music.

She playfully captioned the post to say, “don’t think my butt’s getting big, Nelly” — referencing the lyrics from the first song played in the video. Meghan King Edmonds left some speechless and others confused with her video.

A social media user had this reaction to the video: “It’s the boots for me and the bad posture. Are the combat boots part of the challenge?? I do not get the shoe combination here.”

Another Instagrammer wrote: “You have no words . I am speechless!😮” Meghan King Edmonds received some unsolicited advice that read: “Put some clothes on darling 😂😂😂 I’m uncomfortable. Wait is THIS REAL? This is NOT real. Holy eff, it’s real.”

The 7-second video clip was shared on Meghan King’s Instagram Reels on Monday for her one million followers to watch, along with various behind-the-scenes clips from her photoshoot.

She also shared a video clip on her Instagram Story once she arrived home from the shoot, removing her long hair extensions to reveal her shorter blonde wavy locks.

Last month, King announced that she had started dating William G. Roos II again after they dated last year and decided to be friends before rekindling their romance in Las Vegas.


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