Christina Milian Removes Her Clothes For The Perfect Picture That Reveals Her Toned Body And It Has Her Famous Boyfriend Begging For Her To Do This

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It was not long ago, Christina Milian welcomed a baby boy with Matt Pokora and her latest photos on social media prove that she is in the best shape of her life.

The former singer has been staying home since the coronavirus pandemic changed the world forever. The actress has been keeping her fans and her boyfriend entertained and begging for more with her very revealing photos.

Christina recently posted a picture that had her French baby daddy asking for another child. The influencer left little to the imagination in silky brown lingerie that revealed her impressive body.

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Coffee Please ☕️ @savagexfenty #savagexambassador

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In the viral photo, Christina could be seen sitting on the carpet of her stunning living room. The petite and ageless model shows off her toned legs and well-defined arms.

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Hello Sunshine! Here I am.. 🏊 @myraswim

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Via her caption, Matt’s girlfriend explained that she was modeling a racy little number from Rihanna‘s Savage X Fenty Lingerie.

Matt, who was captivated by his lady’s beauty, said this in the comment section: “Want another kid?” Christina was flooded with other sweet comments from her fans like the one below: “Sheesh, just glowing younger and younger!!!! 😍😘🙌🏾🔥”

Christina has been actively posting about George Floyd, an African American man who died during a police arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His death led to worldwide protests demanding the end of police brutality and racism.

Christina’s posts have been met with harsh criticism as the one below: “And you’re kept a minority with 86% of abortion clinics in black minority neighborhoods. Google Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project. Its real name is #Eugenics (population control—not a #womanschoice. They want you to believe having children is a burden to you having your dreams come true—isn’t that happening anyway by keeping the culture good you’re apart of small and manageable???? Democrats & Liberals promote abortion (population control) Republicans & conservatives promote proliferation. The past 3 yrs, black unemployment reached historic lows. MLKJr’s birthplace became an official national landmark & his birthday became a FEDERAL holiday. Why did that only happen under Trump? Jack Johnson? I celebrate the progress, not rallying the setbacks.”

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Inequality at its finest. For those of you having trouble understanding why #blacklivesmatter this should help you out. This is happening now in 2020. We can change this if we don’t stay silent, VOTE & YOU be the change. Educate yourself, your children and create a conversation filled with compassion, optimism and information.. even if you were taught otherwise you can change that! Empower, employ minorities & support their businesses. Stop judging people by their race and treat people the way you’d like to be treated. Lastly let’s change this “system”. We are not the same but we are one. #onelove #blacklgbtq #blm #systemicracism #makethatchange Illustration by: @cheskatanglao

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Another insensitive comment read; “Racism is horrible, what happened to George Floyd and all those before him is beyond tragic—however, stuff like this post☝️ keeps the hate and mistrust flowing—kills progress.
Whether blacks are more likely to (insert negative outcome) or less likely to (positive result)—you can never avoid those kinds of “facts” being apart of a group that has a small population to the largest population.
You made it! You’re successful. You defied the odds that you’re promoting as systemic. Something “systemic” affects the WHOLE, not a select group. It affects EVERYONE, not just one skin color. White and Black aren’t even the only tones in the HUMAN race.”

The same commenter continued with: “Blocking or deleting only shows you’re own intolerance being part of the problem. How has your fame help undone or lessen racism? You’re tailor-made facts only keep the hate and mistrust live. I am a fan of yours because you are beyond gorgeous and extremely talented, but please stop and think about why your “facts” exist. It’s not a hate issue—it is a systemic “numbers issue. It’s called a minority group for a reason—less than the whole (aka System). You’re confusing math and fairness.”

Christina has sparked a lot of debates.


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