Jessica Alba Makes Heads Turn In Stylish Outfit — ‘L.A.’s Finest’ Actress Won Fans Over With The Photo

Jessica Alba Husband Cash Warren Honest Company

Jessica Alba was seen arriving at her office in Los Angeles wearing an outfit that impressed her fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Sporting a chic blazer with wide shoulders, the 39-year-old actress carried a cup of coffee in one hand and her phone in the other as she headed to her office for a day at work on Thursday.

And her entire look soon got heads turning, with supporters commenting on her impressive fashion choices. Underneath the stylish blazer was a white blouse with buttons, contrasting with the black chinos, she wore on her lower half.

Jessica Alba also wore a pair of white sneakers with colored socks, which made her outfit appear chic yet casual.

Her hair appeared to have been treated to a balayage, adding to her glam look along with a subtle yet gorgeous French manicure.

A large gold chain necklace was one of several accessories worn by Alba on Thursday, along with a watch and a large pair of reflective sunglasses.

The Fantastic Four star carried two bags — one was a large patterned bag by Christian Dior estimated to cost around $3,000, and another was a smaller bag with her name “Jessica” embroidered onto the front.

Jessica Alba Husband Cash Warren Honest Company Photo

She was also seen wearing a brown face mask as she approached her destination. In 2011, Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company, which sells non-toxic products for everyday use.

She recently spoke about the importance of looking after employees’ mental health and wellbeing, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, saying it is important to help maintain a positive mindset.

Alba stated: “As a business owner, the thing that has made the most impact is taking care of our employees’ mental health and being there for them… it allows everyone to show up and be happy and be productive.”

She also said it has been challenging to separate her home life and work life, especially with her children, who often demand her attention while she is trying to take work calls.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she spoke about her children changing their lives during the pandemic.

She told the publication: “We learned TikTok. Cash hates them, but the girls still love them! I’ve trained the kids over quarantine on how to make coffee. Honor is better at it than Haven. Haven pretends like she can’t; she’s like, ‘It’s just too many steps! I just don’t understand!'”

Alba has managed to find a unique path in Hollywood.


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