Cardi B Drops All Her Clothes In New Video To Make This Announcement

Cardi B Tattoo Photos Offset Wife Business Move

Cardi B posted to her Instagram account this week, almost entirely naked as she showed off a vast, colorful tattoo that covers virtually her entire back and extends down to her thigh.

Posing with her back to the camera in an eight-second video clip shared to her Instagram Stories over the weekend, Cardi B displayed the massive tattoo, which included butterflies, flowers, and a hummingbird design.

The 28-year-old rapper spent months being tattooed by artist Jamie Schene, and the finished product was first revealed last May.

And her most recent video left little to the imagination as she wore just a black thong and left as much flesh as possible showing to give a maximum view of her ink.

Cardi B did not say anything in the video but lifted her long dark hair up over her head, so it was no longer covering her back. The femcee played with her long flowing hair and ran her fingers through it to confirm that it is all-natural.

The move instantly revealed the large colorful tattoo, which included shades of red, yellow, green, orange, and purple.

When Cardi B first revealed the tattoo last summer, it was also reshared on Jamie Schene’s Instagram account, where he said the work had taken 60 hours in total.

He also said that the work had been completed between ten different cities, thought to have been the result of Cardi’s music tours and other work trips before the coronavirus pandemic.

The “WAP” singer is no stranger to tattoos and also has a colorful peacock design that runs from her waist down to her thigh.

While Cardi B stayed quiet in the clip, she later explained why she posed with no clothes on and flaunted her long and luscious hair.

The post served as a promotional video to launch her new business venture — a hairline company.

Cardi B, who wants to become a billionaire like Jay-Z and Rihanna, has shared several times in the past that she comes up with her own special mixtures using natural fruits, vegetables, and oils for herself and her daughter, Kulture.

Cardi B announced: “This year, I will be coming out with a hairline that I have been working on at home for my hair and my daughters; however, I think it is time for people to educate themselves on nationality, race, and ethnicity. Being Hispanic/Latina doesn’t make your hair long, doesn’t make your skin light, or doesn’t make your face features slim, especially in Latin countries from the Caribbean islands. DNA has something to do with your hair, not your nationality but guess what you can always maintain your hair …..and one more thing, not everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican. 😉”

The star has amassed more than 86 million followers on Instagram, and last year had the best performing song by a female artist for the third time.

This makes her the only female artist to hold this achievement in the US in the last century.


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