Trey Songz Shares New Steamy Photos And Videos After Private Tape Leaks And Makes A Huge Announcement ‘That Crashes OnlyFans’

Trey Songz OnlyFans Video Photo

Trey Songz has decided to make his lyrics about his neighbors knowing his name reality after his sex tape leaked on social media.

The R&B singer, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, has been trending on Twitter and Facebook for several hours after an eyepopping video surfaced.

The jaw-dropping video features the “I Gotta Make It” singer having the time of his life as an unidentified woman is performing oral sex on him.

Trey Songz’s face is not visible, but fans were quick to point that the man in the video has an impressive collection of arm tattoos, identical to the artist.

Women have been going crazy over Trey Songz’s impressive manhood.

A fan of the “Bottoms Up” and “Heart Attack” singer said: “If HE made an OnlyFans, I’m subscribed for life.”

Another commenter stated: “I now understand why the neighbors know his name. That thing was glistening.”

This social media user claimed the leaked video is a PR stunt and added: “He released it on purpose. His appeal with the ladies was dwindling. Well done, Trigga.”

Trey Songz, who wrote a tweet in 2011 promising to promote his leaks like a real album, has been doing just that.

Via Instagram, Trey Songz has been sharing all kinds of steamy photos and announced that he had launched an OnlyFans account, and so many fans are joining that it crashed the site.

In a recent interview, Trey Songz opened up about keeping his genuine self private.

He confessed: “Oh, yeah. You are just being around so much real, genuine love. As an artist, when you’re moving city-to-city, state-to-state, you’re often around what can be described as fake love. Even if it is genuine, it’s not the people that know you. Fans love me to death, but they love the perception of me unless you really dove into who I am. No matter how comfortable you are as a celebrity, you’re always on guard. I was at home for almost three months straight.”

He added: “I probably don’t spend that much time at home within a year, accumulated. That continuous time to just be Trey from The Heights, Trey from Petersburg and be perceived that way every day and get so comfortable. When I was making my first album, that was who I was. I wasn’t Trey Songz yet. I was trying to be Trey Songz.”

Fans paying their hard-earned money to see Trey Songz on OnlyFans are eager to see the real man.


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