Leonardo DiCaprio’s Stunning Girlfriend, Camila Morrone, Has Fans Worried After These Photos Leaked

Leonardo DiCaprio Camilla Morrone Photos Romance Problems

Camila Morrone has been photographed going for a walk around Los Angeles with her mother, a friend, and her pet dog, Jack.

The beautiful photos have many of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s fans worried that the romance might be over because the duo has been spending a lot of time apart.

The 23-year-old model and girlfriend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, 45, was not wearing a typical walking outfit. She donned a body-hugging silk dress and looked naturally beautiful as she walked down the street holding her pet’s leash.

Another husky, belonging to her mother, Lucila Sola, joined them for the walk as the three women enjoyed the afternoon in LA.

Sola, 45, who dated Al Pacino from 2008 until 2018, looked youthful as she joined her daughter for the stroll, with many fans commenting that the pair could have been mistaken for sisters.

A sad fan had this to say about the lovely photos: “Lately, I’ve seen Cami alone. I’m afraid things have ended with Leo. 😢”

A source has recently said that the distance between Leonardo DiCaprio and the Argentine-American model and actress — who have been dating for three years — is “grinding them down,” as he is filming in Boston while she stays in Los Angeles.

DiCaprio has been in Boston for several months shooting for Don’t Look Up! alongside Jennifer Lawrence.

Morrone was seen in Boston celebrating New Year’s Eve with DiCaprio, where the couple enjoyed an Italian meal together. The couple was also spotted in Malibu, California last month.

An insider revealed that DiCaprio becomes “so focused” when he is in character for his movies that he “shuts out everything and everyone,” making his long-distance relationship with Morrone somewhat of a challenge.

While they reportedly still talk “all the time,” a source said they have become more “cranky and reckless” and need some “decent couples time.”

According to people close to the couple, they are very much in love and get along well with each other’s families.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s pal explained: “They’ve been solid for three years, but if Leo and Camila don’t get some decent couples time soon, they could be in trouble.”

Morrone has been described as “young, sweet, and simple,” with a source previously saying she is DiCaprio’s “dream girl.”

A source told ET Online: “She might be the one for Leo, and they are very in love. Camila is his dream girl. She’s young, sweet, simple, and it’s easy because she gets along well with his family, and he gets along great with hers too. They’ve known each other forever, and it just works.”

Some backers are still hopeful that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone will get engaged and married in the near future.


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