Salma Hayek Has Fans Freaking Out With This Video Of Anthony Hopkins

Salma Hayek Anthony Hopkins Dance Video

Sir Anthony Hopkins seemed happy with his Oscar win this week as he appeared in a video with Salma Hayek as the two friends danced happily.

The 83-year-old acting legend scooped up the Best Actor in a Leading Role award at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony. He appeared from an outdoor area in Wales afterward to give his acceptance speech via a video.

And in a clip shared by actress Salma Hayek to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Anthony Hopkins was seen enjoying a boogie around a living room.

He danced past a wooden table in a room that hosted a range of furniture, passing candlesticks and lamps as the camera followed him and panned to the left.

After a few seconds, the actor was joined by friend and actress Salma Hayek, 54, who followed his dancing style before putting one arm around her, and the pair embraced.

She captioned her post to say she was “celebrating with the King,” tagging Anthony Hopkins and including the hashtag #LeonardCohen, referring to the track they danced along to.

The video went viral with over 4 million views and more than 14,000 comments from movie lovers.

While most fans said they were thrilled to see Anthony Hopkins in good spirits, a few are freaking out by the fact that he was chewing while showing off his fancy footsteps.

A freaked-out fan said: “I don’t know why but just by see him chewing something, it’s freaking me out. 😢😢😢”

Another commenter begged the Frida actress not to eat Hopkins’s food and added: “Don’t eat any of his food. 😂😂😂😂”

The social media user revealed: “Just eating brains to celebrate the win🤣🤣🤣.”

A creeped-out social media user wrote: “I just rewatched that movie and yes, I can confirm this was scary af.”

The comments were made by movie watchers who are familiar with Anthony Hopkins’s stellar performances in The Silence of the Lambs, which earned him an Oscar and later in Hannibal.

In the two movies, Hopkins played the unforgettable Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a serial killer, who eats his victims.

The movie Hannibal features two unforgettable scenes — one where Dr. Hannibal Lecter takes Paul Krendler’s prefrontal cortex (front part of the brain) and cooks and eats it.

The thriller also ends with Lecter on a plane sharing a cooked brain with a child seated next to him.

Hopkins’s most recent Oscar is for the leading role in The Father, where he stars alongside Olivia Colman, who plays his daughter Anne.

Playing a character named Anthony, who is suffering from dementia, his daughter, Anne, tries to help him as he battles with memory loss towards the end of his life.

Last week, Anthony Hopkins was reportedly touring Wales, where he took some time out to visit popular bakery chain, Greggs.

According to an assistant at the Llantwit Major branch of Greggs, Anthony Hopkins bought a steak bake for £1.60 — equivalent to approximately $2.20 — and was seen outside the shop putting on a face mask before smiling at the staff and then entering the venue.


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