Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Makes This Surprising Request Using A Racy Photo

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Dream Photos

Lottie Moss shared a photo late on Thursday night encouraging her social media following to “pay her rent” by subscribing to her profile on an adult-only subscription website.

The 23-year-old model has been sharing racy photos and videos on the X-rated website Glow, where she reportedly has a nude video available for around $1400.

And on Thursday night, Kate Moss‘s younger sister shared a photo of herself posing wearing a lacy white bra and matching thong.

She posed in front of a large mirror while standing on tiled flooring with a pool visible in the background.

Lottie Moss captioned her post telling her 346,000 Instagram followers to “swipe up to pay my rent” wearing a corset-style white bra and matching panties.

She included a swipe-up link for her fans, which redirected them to Dream, a website where she has been posting raunchy photos of herself and some of which include her best friend, Sahara Ray.

Lottie also told fans she was “bored and wanna chat to people [sic],” encouraging them to visit her profiles and pay to unlock more explicit content.

This year, Lottie Moss revealed that she has family members not happy about her recent decision to join adult-only platforms such as Glow. Her agency is also said to be against her latest endeavors.

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Pay Rent With Photos

However, despite their disapproval, she said she was in Los Angeles “living [her] best life” and felt happier than she had in a long time.

Lottie also slammed people who make her “feel ashamed” of doing something she enjoys.

She confessed: “Everyone kind of says, ‘Celebrate your body, do what you want with your body, whatever you wanna do with your life, you do it,’ but as soon as it’s OnlyFans and stuff like that, the industry is a bit iffy about it.”

She added: “I have had surgery and enhancements. I’ve only had surgery on my boobs. And I’ve had my lips done and Botox in my forehead and jaw filler and I had filler in my temples as well because apparently my head was peanut shaped.”

Last year, during the coronavirus lockdown in England, she spent time with her older sister, Kate Moss, in her remote home in the Cotswolds.

And on Friday, Lottie teased fans once again on Instagram as she told them she was getting ready to “take new pics” and asked their advice on how she should style her hair.


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