Kim Kardashian Moves Away From Party Controversy With These Perfect Photos

Kim Kardashian COVID Bar Exam KUWTK Children

Facing heavy criticism for her actions while battling COVID-19, Kim Kardashian has decided to rapidly change the conversation by sharing photos of her beautiful children.

Kim Kardashian put a smile on the faces of her millions of Instagram followers by posting a handful of pictures of her spreading some joy on her two middle children, Saint West, 5, and Chicago West, 3.

The brother and sister not only showed off their cuteness but their fashion sense. The 40-year-old reality TV star captioned the adorable photos: “OMGGGGG.”

Saint sported his signature cornrows, along with camouflage pants and a red T-shirt as he hugged his younger sister.

As for Chicago, she looked like she is ready for summer in a white dress, flashy red cowboy boots, and she completed the look with a jean jacket.

This week, Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter denying claims that she caught coronavirus after traveling for a lavish birthday bash on a private island last year.

The media personality turned 40 last October and surprised her family and friends with a trip to a private island where they could “pretend things were normal.”

The celebrations faced widespread criticism at the time, amid the coronavirus lockdown and heavy restrictions on travel for most people around the world.

And a new report now claims Kim caught COVID-19 just days after the trip after she appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this week — filmed in November — and spoke about how unwell she had been feeling.

Kim said she had been feeling “so sick” and “awful” with COVID-19, to the extent she could “hardly even get out of bed and study” for her bar exam.

Following the airing, a report was released which estimated Kim Kardashian must have tested positive about ten days after returning from her trip to the luxury French Polynesian island.

The infamous birthday trip took place around the date of her birthday on October 21, and Kim had a positive coronavirus test on November 17.

However, Kim quickly took to Twitter to say the claims were “false” and that while she had been ill, “nobody caught covid from the trip” last year.

She said that her 5-year-old son, Saint, had caught it from a student who had tested positive at his school, and then Kim had caught it from Saint after he coughed on her while she was looking after him.

On Thursday’s episode, Kim Kardashian also went into detail about the measures in place at Saint’s school, with students being tested once a week.

She said that another student in the same “pod” as Saint had tested positive, which resulted then in her testing positive and also her 7-year-old daughter, North West.


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