Kylie Jenner Angers Women With Edited Video On Board A Private Plane As Daughter Stormi Goes Viral For Launching New Company

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Stormi Webster Vacation Photo

Stormi Webster broke the Internet by being cute while taking a bath! Kylie Jenner has posted a sweet picture of her three-year-old daughter, Stormi, showing off her curls while in a tub and enjoying a fun bath.

Kylie Jenner captioned the Instagram snapshot: “Bath time.” Jenner used the viral photo that picked up over 9 million likes in less than 24 hours to launch a new project/business, KylieBaby, which many believe will focus on hair products for children.

Recently, Kylie Jenner headed off to Texas in her private plane, and she kept herself busy during the flight by sharing her skincare routine with fans and faced backlash for editing her appearance.

The 23-year-old model and influencer posted a series of video clips to her Instagram Stories on Monday, showcasing some of the products from her brand, Kylie Skin, as she got ready to sleep on board her private Kylie Airplane.

Standing over a sink in the bathroom of the plane, Kylie wore her long hair in a ponytail and showed her 237 million Instagram followers which products she likes to use while traveling.

She posted a photo of her Kylie Skin products in the bathroom, which she captioned were her “travel necessities.”

Following the snap was a series of short video clips, in which Kylie, who was using a filter, applied a foaming face wash, hyaluronic acid serum, and a facial oil, all from her own company.

Kylie talked through some of the routines during the videos, as the engines of the plane could be heard in the background.

After sharing her skincare routine, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star then posted a selfie telling her fans she was “going to sleep now.”

Angry women lashed out at Kylie Jenner for being deceptive in the videos where she hid her real face behind a filter while promoting skincare products.

A critic said: “She has f*cking filters on like cmon!!!!!”

Another follower wrote: “not the filters like that is showing what her skin products really do lmao sis, take it tf off; it won’t hurt nobody.”

This frustrated social media user shared: “That’s the 1st thing that crosses my mind. Sheesh, no confidence in your own beauty products pr your non-makeup look is what it says to me. It’s pretty sad how women have gotten so used to using filters even when promoting skincare. No one’s skin is perfect, but if more celebrities with many followers who look up to them would show their real true selves, many peeps would not be so insecure about a blemish, a wrinkle, a scar, oily skin dryness, etc.”

Earlier the same day, Kylie shared some cute family videos of herself with Travis Scott, 29, and their daughter, Stormi Webster.

The trio played in a garden and threw water balloons at each other, with Travis seen smiling and throwing water balloons at Kylie, while Stormi was a focus of many of the videos in a beautiful yellow dress as she hurled water balloons at her mom.

Kylie gushed over her little girl with a video of Stormi walking around the house, and she captioned it: “love this little baby.”

Kylie and Travis are reportedly back together but are keeping it casual and allowing each other to see different people.


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