Princess Eugenie Delights And Surprises Royal Fan By Unzipping Her Dress At Private Party

Princess Eugenie Impresses Dancer Poppy Gerrard

A dancer has spoken about the time Princess Eugenie proudly revealed a scar on the back of her neck during a private tea party.

Princess Eugenie, who is one of the Queen‘s granddaughters, was 12 years old when she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a condition that causes curvature of the spine and is thought to affect four in every thousand people.

The princess underwent spinal surgery to correct the curve as a child — a procedure which involved metal rods and 8-inch screws placed in her back, which then fused together to straighten the spine.

Princess Eugenie was left with a scar that runs down the back of her neck, but she is known for openly speaking about this in a bid to ‘”help others” and fight the stigma against scarring.

When she married Jack Brooksbank in 2018, Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress was designed to proudly show off her scar rather than hide it.

And now Liverpool dancer Poppy Gerrard, 18, has spoken about the time she was invited to meet the princess three years ago with dance group MerseyGirls after her dance partner Julia Carlile appeared on the annual TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent.

During the private occasion, Princess Eugenie spoke about her own experience with scoliosis as a child and even unzipped her dress to show the teens her scar.

Poppy Gerrard revealed that Princess Eugenie’s story gave her “goosebumps,” and showed how a princess can be “proud of her imperfections.”

Gerrard stated: “I will never forget that day. It was just like we were talking to a friend. She told us about her scoliosis journey and what she had been through with her operations. At one point, she unzipped her dress and showed us her scar.”

On social media, people were full of praise for “very brave” Princess Eugenie, who has been hailed as a role model to young women.

A royal fan said: “Please know that your efforts, empathy & kindness are appreciated beyond measure & we will always be truly thankful for your courage & candor. Your parents must be so proud of you as they should be of themselves for raising such an incredible woman. 👏🙏”

Another follower stated: “Anyways, thank you for sharing your story and for bringing awareness! ❤️❤️”

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank announced last year they are expecting their first child, who is due to be born in early 2021.

Her moves have earned the respect of a lot of British people.


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