Christine Quinn Shows Off Post-Pregnancy Body And Face With Tons Of Botox And Fillers In New Sexy Photos And Says She Does Not Care What People Think

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset Star Gives Birth

Christine Quinn showcased her post-baby body last weekend, just two weeks after undergoing an emergency C-section, to give birth to her first child.

The Selling Sunset realtor and her husband, Christian Richard, have welcomed a new addition to their family — Christian Georges Dumontet, who was born on May 15 following an emergency C-section.

Posing in a raspberry mini dress on Sunday, Christine Quinn, 32, looked utterly glowing and left her fans in awe after coming out of hospital days before.

However, despite how gorgeous she looks, Christine says she is not in a rush to have a second baby just yet and wants to make sure that she is “healed” and that the “time is right” before getting pregnant again.

In an interview on Tuesday, the Netflix star said she and her husband, Christian, have been talking about having another child, but the birth of their baby last month was “so so traumatic” for her that it left her “hesitant” about doing it again.

Despite the trauma of baby Christian’s birth, Christine said it would be “nice” to have another child.

She also elaborated on how she feels about her body following the birth, saying that her body and hormones will “never be the same,” but she has embraced it.

Christine said she is not giving in to all the pressure to get back to exactly how she looked pre-pregnancy and said she “[doesn’t] care what anyone thinks” even if she looks “ridiculous” in a swimsuit.

Giving birth to a baby is “powerful enough,” said Christine, and added that she is taking a more relaxed approach to criticism and avoiding being so “trigger heavy when it comes to responding.”

She explained: “My body and my hormones will never be the same, but that’s something I really embraced, and I’m kind of rolling with it. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I might look ridiculous and swollen [in a swimsuit], but I don’t care. I had a baby. That’s powerful enough!”

The realtor also revealed that she is eager to get a huge amount of botox after having her son. She confessed: “I’ve learned not to be so trigger-heavy when it comes to responding, and that’s been really helpful. I’ll be getting tons of Botox and fillers as soon as the baby pops out. Can’t wait for all that!”

Seasons four and five of Selling Sunset began filming on May 7th, but it is unknown yet whether Christine Quinn will be involved in filming during the early stages or if she will remain on maternity leave.


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