Johnny Galecki Posts Loving Photos Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Co-Star Kaley Cuoco Which Leads To An Interesting Exchange Between The Two

Kaley Cuoco Johnny Galecki The Big Bang Theory Birthday Joke

It is no secret that actors from The Big Bang Theory have always enjoyed pranking one another and have maintained a very lighthearted attitude between themselves and towards their work in general.

So it came as no surprise that Johnny Galecki shared a few sweet photos and had a couple of witty comments aimed at his former stage partner, Kaley Cuoco — and he had been saving them right for her birthday!

Galecki could not resist posting a comment congratulating Cuoco for her 74th birthday, referring to her as his “fake wife.” He then went on to change her age to an even higher one, 82.

However, his attempts did not provoke a negative reaction at all. Cuoco seemed to be enjoying the exchange and responded in kind, saying that she still loved him, despite her “old age of 82.”

Galecki wrote: “The happiest 74th birthday to my fake wife @kaleycuoco. You know how much I adore you and respect you. I’m so proud of all you are doing and so happy with your happiness. But most of all, our friendship and partnership over the years. XO, dear. Congratulations on 82 years of age.”

The Flight Attendant actress responded by: “THIS IS EVERYTHING! I LOVE U MOOKS! Even at my old age of 82!”

The exchange went further, with Galecki claiming that she was 91, leading to much amusement from the show’s many fans who still closely follow the online shenanigans of its actors.

Galecki concluded by: “Love you too, Mooks. Thanks for squeezing the last bit of love out of that 91-year-old heart of yours for this response. Now rest, dear.”

The two did indeed date for a couple of years when the show was just picking up in popularity, but managed to end their relationship on good terms and have reportedly remained close friends since then.

Fans say it is good to see that neither of them has lost their sense of humor in the dreadful year that the world just went through, and they have been doing very well enjoying their lives since the show ended.

“She’s a timeless beauty!! You messed up. She’s perfect, and you know it!!!” shared a fan.

“Truth comes from the heart. I love the banter between you two, ❤️” claimed a social media user.

Despite fans’ wishful thinking that they should consider getting back together, note that that actress is happily married to Karl Cook, and they are caring for several dogs and stunning horses.


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