Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Big Family Decision Might Break Princess Charlotte’s Heart For A Bit

Kate Middleton Prince William Geoge Charlotte Boarding School

It was recently revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton have been contemplating a huge family change.

The royal couple is said to be seriously thinking about sending their oldest son and heir to the throne, Prince George, to a boarding school.

Several media outlets reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted visiting a Berkshire boarding school and might move him after his birthday.

Prince George of Cambridge will be eight years old on July 22. The future queen, her husband, Prince William, and her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, have all attended boarding school at one point in their lives.

As Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his spouse make the tough decision about Prince George’s future, one royal family member might have a say on the matter.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward, via OK, explained that Prince George is now the perfect age to be shipped away to boarding school, as was done with many other royal children before him.

However, his younger sister, Princess Charlotte‘s feelings might weigh heavy on the decision.

According to the writer, Princess Charlotte, 6, who is currently enrolled with her brother, Prince George, at Thomas’s prep school in Battersea, has a strong bond with her sibling, and sending him away will break her heart.

Seward explained that Princess Charlotte “will miss” her older brother and added: “Princess Charlotte will, of course, miss her big brother, as any child would.”

She went on to share that while Prince George’s absence might affect Princess Charlotte, she will eventually handle it well, thanks to her strong and bubbly personality.

Seward revealed: “But she will be fine when Prince George heads off to boarding school. She seems like a very independent child. Something she would have been taught at a young age with her Montessori education. She has never seemed to be clinging to her older brother on the rare glimpses we have seen the Cambridge Children. In fact, she is often the more outgoing Cambridge kid, leading the way.”

Seward further explained why Princess Charlotte might potentially handle the situation better than Prince George: “Princess Charlotte will have her friend, little brother, parents, nanny. She will do fine. (But of course miss him). William and Kate have tried to give all of their kids individual attention. So, they have experience doing things without their other siblings. Whether it is an outing with Mummy or daddy. Or a solo trip to Granny Middleton’s for the weekend.”

She went to share why she is more concerned about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest child: “I would probably be more concerned about Prince George and how he would cope being away from his safety net. Being in with new students who haven’t grown up with a Prince as a classmate and who are used to see Prince George & the Cambridge Family on the news.”

Royal editor Brittani Barger said Charlotte is a “little leader” who will long to have her brother beside her, but she will adapt to the major change because she is independent.


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