This Royal Family Has A New Member And She Just Wants To Be Loved

Delphine Boel Ex Belgium King Secret Daughter Princess

While she is not a newborn, Delphine Boel is the newest member of the Belgium royal family.

After a lengthy court battle, Boel has finally been recognized as Delphine Michèle Anne Marie Ghislaine van Saxen-Coburg-Gotha.

Over two decades ago, Princess Delphine started fighting with her father, former King Albert II, for a paternity test.

In a new interview, Princess Delphine said she tried to handle the matter privately because she did not wish to embarrass the royal family with a major scandal.

Last week, the royal paternity drama came to an end with a judge making it official that she has royal blood flowing through her veins and was given a title.

Note that Albert II finally agreed to take the DNA test after the court ordered him to pay €5,000 or $5,586 per day if he did not comply. Princess Delphine is also eligible for a royal inheritance when the King passes.

The artist and mother of two held a press conference where she explained that she never wanted to fight with her father. She merely wanted to be recognized by her family.

Princess Delphine of Belgium also said that she was hoping to have a loving relationship with her father.

An emotional Princess Delphine confessed: “For me to go to court, especially for that, to be recognized by my own blood, my own father, felt so unnatural. It is a sort of unnatural life I was living that was most painful.”

The former king has the right to appeal the decision, but Princess Delphine said that she doubts that he will.

Rumors of Boel’s mother, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, having a love child with King Albert II of Belgium, was exposed in a biography of Albert’s wife, Queen Paola, that was published in 1999.

Princess Delphine stayed away from the media because she had a great relationship with her father. However, all of it changed when she was a teenager.

She shared: “I had been a little soldier, completely protecting him and my mother since the age of 17 and not saying anything because I loved him, and we had a good relationship.”

When he neglected her, “it really felt like having a knife in the back.” She went on to explain that her work will continue to define her, not her title.

She added: “I am still going to be Delphine. I am not going to be hanging out in the streets saying, please call me princess.”

She also shared: “If you ask me whether I am expecting anything from the Royal family, as I said, I am not expecting anything. I am just going to carry on with my work. And, however, if suddenly they show a sign of life, I would never (turn) my back to them. That’s for sure.”

Some fans are still rooting for all parties to make peace.


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