Duane Youd, Utah Man Dies After Intentionally Crashing A Plane Into His Home With Wife Sandy Inside — Hours After He Was Released From Jail For Assaulting Her

Sandy Youd Duane Rhedd Youd

Duane Youd became a kamikaze in an attempt to take revenge on his wife just hours after he was arrested and accused of domestic violence.

Youd was the crazed pilot who flew a small plane straight into a house in Payson, Utah.

The 47-year-old man, also known as Duane Rhedd Youd, who died during a fiery plane crash, intentionally aimed for his house located East Canyon Road to harm or kill his wife, Sandy Youd, and son.

Luckily, both Sandy and the child made it out of the burning home alive and uninjured.

According to local media, Youd stole the small airplane — a twin-engine Cessna Citation 525 — from VanCon, the company that employed him.

Duane’s 17-year-old son, Parker Youd, spoke to a reporter and explained that he was not home when the incident occurred.

The teen described his late father as a loving person who never indicated that he could hurt himself or others.

Parker claimed: “He’s just a good guy. The best dad I could ask for.”

Duane Rhedd Youd Sandy Youd

He shared the last conversation he had with his father and said he told him he loved him and he drove away.

Other close friends are also shocked by Duane’s disturbing action. They said he was a happy man full of life who loved to travel. Pals and relatives are trying to understand the events that occurred in a very short time.

Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon spoke to the Salt Lake Tribune and said Duane was detained after someone called the police and explained that he was violently assaulting his wife.

Spencer stated: “It was not just a slap or a shove. It was an ongoing thing described by witnesses.”

After being thrown in jail, Duane posted bail and was told by authorities he was not allowed to contact his wife.

Sandy Youd Duane Youd Utah


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