Hillary Clinton Praises Meghan Markle With Beautiful Picture

Meghan Markle Hillary Clinton Charity

Hillary Clinton has taken the opportunity to praise Meghan Markle for her activism and partnership with Smart Works, an initiative that helps women prepare visually and aesthetically for job interviews.

Markle has been a fan of Clinton since she was a child. The organization’s work has been getting a lot of praises in general in recent months, and the connection between Markle and its work has drawn a lot of positive attention towards her as well.

Clinton wrote: “I’m so inspired by how Meghan Markle—aka one half of @sussexroyal—is representing the U.S. in the U.K. and on the world stage. Meghan’s new project: Helping @SmartWorksCharity equip women who have been out of the workforce with the office essentials they need to feel confident in job interviews and beyond. The ability to earn their own paycheck is a key part of women’s economic, social, and cultural equality, and it can all start with some smart suits. 🇺🇸🇬🇧💃”

One supporter replied: “So happy that you are supporting Duchess Meghan and helping shine a light on her patronage #SmartWorks which is a wonderful charity that helps vulnerable women. Can’t wait until the capsule collection launches next Thursday. I’m so very proud of the charitable work that Meghan is doing. 👌🏻👏🏻”

A second person explained: “Stop believing tabloid lies. Harry married Meghan because he loves her. And Meghan is the best thing to happen to the royal family since Diana. Meghan hasn’t put a foot wrong and has been grace personified while doing impactful humanitarian work that is helping make the world a better place for everyone. Meghan is a self-made and accomplished woman in her own right who will continue thriving, surviving, and shining with or without the monarchy. Her #SmartWorks capsule collection launches on September 12.”

It is not just Mrs. Clinton that has expressed such positive sentiments about the work done by Markle either.

She has been the subject of strong praise from multiple sides recently, and it looks like her popularity is on the rise thanks to her active contributions.

Clinton spoke at length about why she admired the work done by Markle so much and wanted to make it clear that she fully understood the importance of this organization in the current global context.

There has been a lot of talk about women and their place at work recently, and the various issues surrounding that — and many say it is good to see that activism in this area is getting the proper recognition it deserves.

Prince Harry‘s wife has not commented on the positive words yet, but she has been quite busy with her life lately, taking care of young baby Archie and keeping up with her public appearances.

The Duchess has been moving forward quite well and has managed to prove skeptics about her place in the royal family wrong.


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