26-Year-Old New Jersey Woman Found Dead In Her Apartment Hours After Going On Lunch Break

Carolyn Byington New Jersey Murder Case

Carolyn Byington, a New Jersey woman, was found dead in her apartment while on her lunch break.

According to the police, several neighbors called 911 after hearing screams and furniture being moved around in Byington’s apartment in Plainsboro.

Some of the woman’s coworkers had also called the authorities and ask them to do a wellness check after she left for lunch and never returned to her job.

When the police officers arrived at the unit, they discovered Byington’s lifeless body. The remains of the 26-year-old were found around 6 p.m.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office did not disclose the cause of death. Police officers investigating the matter have ruled the death of the New Jersey woman as a homicide.

Several people living in the Hunters Glen apartment complex told ABC that they heard sounds coming from the unit at around 1 p.m.

They said that while they saw the woman entering the apartment around lunchtime, they do not recall ever seeing her exiting.

Other residents, who spoke to local media, said the woman was quiet and kept to herself. She was rarely seen except heading to work. It has been confirmed that she worked at Engine, a marketing firm located in Princeton.

It was revealed that Byington was a 2015 graduate of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania: “Carolyn Byington of Basking Ridge, NJ graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. and earned a bachelor of arts in international affairs/anthropology and sociology (double major).”

Engine said this in a brief statement: “Engine is in mourning over this shocking, senseless tragedy. Carolyn was deeply cared about by her colleagues. We extend our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.”

The story has sparked a lot of interest online and some are wondering if cops have any lead.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the murder to please contact them at 609-799-2333 ext. 1627 or 732-745-4436.


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