Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss’s Decision To Share These Photos With No Clothes On Has Led To A Major Fight With Her Family

Lottie Moss Family Rift Glow

Lottie Moss has been teasing followers on Instagram with new erotic content after signing up to paid adult site Glow, and her scandalous photos have created a huge fight with her family.

The 23-year-old model has already revealed that her latest antics have caused a “rift” within her family, and a source has now said model agency Storm has stepped in to “save her.”

On Wednesday, Lottie Moss — who is the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss — posted a picture to Instagram where she is wearing a white skirt and no top.

She covered her breasts with an “On” button graphic and invited fans to swipe up to see more on Glow.

There are other photos that surfaced showing Lottie Moss with no clothes on and getting very handsy with a female friend.

It is not the first website to make the news after celebrity influencers have joined, and it follows in the footsteps of OnlyFans, although Lottie Moss is one of the very few well-known models on Glow.

For a fee of $20 per month, users can view limited content from Lottie, which increases if they pay an additional $70 for a premium service.

She is charging approximately $1400 for a naked video and invites fans to message her privately with any personal requests.

With the cheaper subscription, users are prompted to upgrade and pay an extra $70 in order to “get access” to the raunchiest photos from Lottie.

In one photo, which is blurred out and covered by a sign encouraging users to sign up, Lottie tells fans to “unlock to see me flash my boobs.”

As a rule, those using Glow to promote their content must lock any adult content and charge viewers a fee to unlock it.

In January, Lottie was seen meeting Noah Traisman, founder of Glow, in Los Angeles, where the pair went for coffee together.

She has already said that her decisions have caused a “rift” in her family. Neither of her parents, Peter and Inger, nor her sister, Kate, have commented publicly.

Lottie’s model agency, Storm, is reportedly stepping in to “save her’ and protect her mental health and future career, according to a source.

The insider stated: “Storm can’t let Lottie become another victim of this crazy influencer-meets-celebrity, image-obsessed culture. Her mental health needs to be protected.”

Another source close to the agency said: “Storm feels very protective of the lovely Lottie. They are hoping this phase will pass. These photos and the path she’s on will affect her future as a model, but also as a woman. What if one day she wants a normal job?”

The young woman seems to be living her best life despite the drama.


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