6-Year-Old Boy Who Was Slashed In The Throat By His Mom, Shanice Martin, Died In School Cafeteria — Authorities Are Looking For Answers

Tyzavier Martin Shanice Martin -- Boy Died

According to tragic reports, a 6-year-old boy named Tyzavier Martin has collapsed and passed away while waiting in his school’s lunch line.

The boy has died months after going through a dramatic event. He was the victim of an attack by his mother, Shanice Martin, 24, in which his throat was slashed, but he eventually survived and made a full recovery.

The mom is still in jail, and it was the child’s second day at PS/MS 5 in Port Morris in the Bronx. Other family members had stepped in to take care of the boy who was described by neighbors as cheerful and respectful by some neighbors.

His 2-year-old sister was also stabbed by the mother and many people who knew the woman still describe her as a good parent who got overwhelmed by her situation and probably needed more support.

One person aware of the case said at the time of her arrest: “She should have been charged with Attempt Murder. Ok, she may have been going through something, but neither of those babies asked to be here, so if she had a problem with them she should have slashed her damn self first cause she laid down & made them, the 🤬. Its stuff like this pisses me off.”

A second commenter added: “This is a reflection of untreated mental illness that our community struggles with. Very sad story praying for mother and children.🙏🏾”

It is not known if the recent incident was related to his old wound, or if that was another injury.

There are conflicting reports on that front, with some claims that all of this stems from the April incident caused by the boy’s mother; some say he might have not fully healed, and it had somehow led to his death.

In any case, schoolmates and relatives of the young boy have been in shock over the incident, and many have expressed their concerns over the way the whole thing went down.

Some seem convinced that the boy could have been helped if his condition was known in advance, but it is still not clear what exactly he suffered from that led to his tragic death in the first place.

Reports claim that he was foaming at the mouth and hit his head as he was falling.

The collapse came suddenly and without any warning, and it looks like nobody expected anything to go wrong with the boy on that fateful day.

Investigations into the situation continue, and according to reports, authorities have not ruled out any possibilities yet.

At the same time, they have been maintaining some secrecy around the incident due to its sensitive nature.

Counseling is being offered to other students who witnessed the entire tragic scene.


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