Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Shauna Bishop, 45, Allegedly Had Sex With Teenage Boy — She Dated His Father

Shauna Maloy Bishop Arrested California Mugshot

Shauna Bishop, a sheriff’s deputy from Sacramento, is going to appear in court on Thursday morning for arraignment as she faces several charges brought up against her.

The 5-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, who is out on bail, is accused of having sex with a minor, in an incident that has been developing for some time at this point.

The law enforcer has been hit with a long list of charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, oral copulation with a minor, and molesting a child.

Bishop has allegedly had sex with a boy who was close to her and was 16 years old at the time. Bishop is 45 and has dated the alleged’s victim father, who is also a deputy. The father reportedly ended the relationship after he found Bishop naked around his son.

Moreover, while there was a brief investigation into possible additional victims, authorities have confirmed that they are not looking into that possibility at this point.

The woman has a long-running history as an employee of the Sheriff’s Office and was apparently in good standing at her job.

It is not clear if she is going to face any other charges on top of the ones publicly announced, and there has been some speculation that she might be in deeper trouble than it seems.

However, there have been no official reports confirming that yet, and for the time being, all attention has been focused on her allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

The woman herself has refrained from any public comments, although hardly anyone expects her to make any statements until her case is dealt with.

For the time being, much attention has been focused on her, with many active discussions online, and it looks like there has been quite a lot of speculation surrounding her situation as well lately.

Court documents have revealed some disturbing details about this case. Here is what is alleged. The dad felt that Bishop was grooming his son and shared his concerns with the victim’s mother who chose to remain close to her.

Shauna Bishop Deputy Arrested Teenage Boy Sacramento

On the night of the incident, April 28, the mom confronted her son about drinking and smoking while staying at her dad’s house. The mother reached out to Bishop for help because she was close to the victim.

The documents revealed: “We all three sat on the couch and I wanted Shauna there with me because (the victim) really responds well to her and I knew it would be easier to discuss if she was with me.”

Bishop stayed at the mother’s home and found a way to get to the boy’s room for at least ten minutes. The victim’s sister is the one who told the mother everything after talking to her brother.

The sister told the Folsom Police Department: “He eventually said, ‘she had sex with me.’ I asked when, where, how, etc. and he said it was the night of April 28th and that Shauna had come into his room during the night.”

After the mother reported the incident on May 10, Bishop spoke to the victim. He shared this with the police: “She told me she was sorry and that she took an Ambien that made her not think straight. She asked me not to tell anyone because she would get in trouble, but then told me it was up to me and she would just have to endure the consequences.”

Bishop did use the Ambien defense when talking to the police and added: “several times she was disgusted, scared, and sad and that she had been researching the side effects of Ambien.”

Police found no such thing on her phone, but they did stumble on “step-mom, step-son” porn-related searches and views. It is not clear if the finding will affect her narrative.

Bishop used to work with at-risk teens.


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