O.J. Simpson Gets Mocked For Talking About The Democratic Presidential Primary Debates — Can He Even Vote?

O. J. Simpson Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

O.J. Simpson has recently attempted to join an online discussion about U.S. politics and the Democratic presidential primary debates, but his Twitter post was quickly shut down by numerous people reminding him of his criminal past.

It does not look like many have forgotten about Simpson and his conviction, and in fact, the negative feelings towards him may have even been amplified by the power of social media recently.

The former NFL star and actor said in a video: “Sitting at my house, waiting to watch this debate to hear a bunch of people who think they’re capable of running our country. It should be interesting ’cause, to be honest; I don’t know most of these guys. But interested to hear what they have to say. Every American should be watching this.”

One user even jokingly pointed out that Simpson is not allowed to vote in the first place since he was now a convicted felon.

Another asked sarcastically whether convicts have voting rights in Simpson’s state.

Interestingly enough though, starting next year, this will be reportedly possible in Nevada, where Simpson is currently allegedly located.

The state has passed a bill that would allow convicts to vote, but each person would have to go through an individual process to regain their rights.

Some have questioned Simpson’s potential success in this, and have pointed out that he might be out of his league discussing politics.

While some mocked Simpson, others opted to focus on what was happening during the debates.

One commenter wrote: “If the Democrats keep beating each other up, Drumpf won’t need Russia’s help this time around. He will continue to “win” on his campaign of hate, anti-immigrant sentiment, and a “great” economy.”

Another follower added: “Biden is the front runner, it would be unheard of for his opponents not to try to knock him down. Everyone knows how this game is played. Let’s see the GOP debate and then let’s talk about blood in the water.”

It does not look like many are too fond of Simpson right now, and some have pointed out that the best course of action for him at the moment would probably be to stay quiet for some time.

It is possible that at some point in the future, people are going to look differently on him, but for now, that does not seem to be the case at all, and Simpson seems to be stuck in a pretty bad place.


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