Black Woman Says Restaurant Denied Her Service And Gave Her Spot To White Men

Liah Gant J. Alexander's Detroit Michigan

In a recent incident where details are still unfolding, a black woman in Michigan, Liah Gant, was allegedly ordered to stand up and get out of her seat so that a group of white customers could sit down instead — and the order came from the bartender of the establishment, J. Alexander’s in West Bloomfield.

She has filed a class-action lawsuit against the location that is outside of Detroit.

It is still not clear exactly what went down, as the restaurant insists that the story is made up and that nothing of the sort had happened on their premises.

According to a statement, the restaurant’s owners have reviewed relevant security footage, and have not been able to confirm any of the claims made by the woman.

From her side of the story, she was sitting at the bar when a bartender asked her to give up her seat for a couple of white men who could not be seated.

When she refused, the bartender took her drinks and started pouring them out.

The woman then tried to get the attention of a manager, but that only led to another offer to be seated elsewhere, according to her.

The manager then allegedly went on to explain to her that she had no reason to be upset in the first place because the drink was not poured on her, but rather down the sink.

Gant added: “And that’s when I was like, OK. I wanted to pull out my phone and record in that moment.”

She also shared: “It’s been a very traumatic experience. And then as I’m exiting the restaurant, to be physically pushed out by staff, while someone [else] is protected, that’s called me … [the] b-word, saying f-you and all types of things, it just shows that no matter how innocent you are, no matter how innocent I was, I was still not protected. They chose to protect that other individual, and that deeply saddens me.”

It is still not clear what that might have meant in the first place, and whether the statement was said at all.

Both sides continue to maintain their stories, and it will likely take a while until many do not expect to see a proper resolution until authorities complete their investigation.

Gant’s lawyer, Maurice Davis, claims that another patron named Jerrick Jefferson was also discriminated against on the same day.

Commenters say racism and racial discrimination have gained grounds in some areas.


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