Heidi Broussard’s Friend, Magen Fieramusca AKA Maygen Humphrey, Charged In Her Death, Baby Margot Carey Found Alive

Magen Fieramusca Heidi Broussard Murder Suspect Arrested

Magen Rose Fieramusca, who also goes by Maygen Humphrey, a Texas woman, has been arrested for the killing of her “best friend,” Heidi Broussard, who went missing last week.

Broussard was found dead, but her baby daughter, Margot Carey, is alive and well, according to Houston authorities.

Heidi Broussard’s boyfriend, Shane Carey, who is Margot’s father, had conducted several interviews pleading for her safe return to her family.

Authorities stated that they do not think Carey was involved in the brutal murder and kidnappings.

The story of the missing Austin mother of two captivated an entire nation who prayed for her to found alive, but sadly the twisted plans cooked up by Fieramusca have made that impossible.

Described as Broussard’s close friend, Fieramusca was present during the pregnancy.

In 2013, Broussard posted a Facebook message where she called Maygen Humphrey, her “best friend,” and explained she was planning her baby shower.

It has been confirmed that she was in the delivery room the day Broussard gave birth to baby Margot.

According to the police, Fieramusca had been plotting for months to take the baby from Broussard.

It is believed that Fieramusca pretended to be pregnant while Broussard was expecting Margot to bond with her all in a plot to steal the baby.

Fieramusca/Humphrey claimed that she and Christopher Green were expecting a baby who was due on December 1.

Broussard’s body was discovered in the trunk of a car at a Harris County home in Houston.

Baby Margot was found in the home alive, and according to officials, the newborn had no injuries but was rushed to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Austin police say a DNA test confirmed her identity and is now in the care of Child Protective Services.

Fieramusca, 33, a popular Wedding planner in Houston, was quickly located and was arrested. She was charged with kidnapping and evidence tampering, and will later be charged with murder.

Police did not give any names, but they firmly believe that Fieramusca may have had help to plan the kidnappings and horrific murder of the new mom.

Fieramusca’s bond has been set at $600,000, and her arraignment will take place in Harris County on Friday. Broussard, 33, and her infant daughter went missing on December 12.

Broussard and her baby were last seen at a southwest Austin elementary school where she dropped off her son, Silas Carey, 6.

The pair returned home and had not been seen after that.

The search for the mother/daughter duo mobilized a dozen officers from the Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety, FBI, and Austin Police Department.

Broussard’s death has been ruled a homicide by officials and it is believed that she was strangled. It jas also been reported that Fieramusca was linked to a Harris County theft case, she was accused of stealing $5,000 by her former employer at ACE Cash Express in Humble.

She was arrested in August 2018 and acquitted in November 2019 and although prosecutors believed she stole the money, they could not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

A manager said he saw her on video putting the money in her bag and that was still not enough and the case was dismissed.


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