Washington Woman Dubbed ‘Botox Bandit’ And ‘Face Filler Fraudster’ Arrested After Allegedly Skipping Out On Bill For Cosmetic Procedures

Lauren L. Klavano Botox Bandit Arrested Kirkland Washington

Lauren L. Klavano, 30, has been arrested by detectives in Kirkland, Washington. The Botox enthusiast became an Internet sensation in the past week after her story had gone viral.

She was charged with three counts of Theft 2nd degree and one count of attempted Theft 2nd degree in link with three incidents in Kirkland and Bellevue.

The authorities were thankful for the help provided by the community in the arrest of the alleged botox thief and face filler fraudster. So, how did things get here?

Last week, a woman from Washington had become a target for a police investigation after she was accused of receiving expensive cosmetic treatments worth thousands of dollars and bailing on the bill.

The extent of her crimes had earned her the nickname “The Botox Bandit.”

She had reportedly done that at multiple establishments already, and it had become a habit for her.

The woman was being investigated over allegations of theft, although authorities did not have many leads to go on at the time.

Botox Bandit Arrested Kirkland Washington

An official post was made on the Twitter account for Kirkland, asking anyone with more information about the woman to step forward.

She had apparently used the same scheme every time — after receiving her treatment; she would claim that she had forgotten her wallet in her car, and would never be seen again.

She was also smart enough to request the last appointment of the day, which put her in a better position to get the treatments she wanted while also avoiding too much attention.

The woman had allegedly used the name Celsey Ryan for her treatments and racked up a significant bill each time.

At one point, she claimed to have received a phone call from her mother. She asked to be excused briefly and did not return to the establishment.

Authorities had urged any owners or employees of places that offer such treatment procedures to remain vigilant and pay attention to their customers until the woman had been arrested.

Commenters on social media had a field day with this story. One of them stated: “What’s done is done at this point 🤷🏾‍♀️ might as well take that grand larceny charge and move on with her new face. ”

A second person explained: “When you wanna have a Hot girl summer but can’t afford it.🥴”

A third response read: “The facilities are at fault. Self-pay patients, especially for cosmetic procedures, should NEVER get through the waiting room doors unless a payment is made.”

Klavano is now famous after her misdeeds.


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