Father Kills Five-Year-old Daughter And Wife In Houston Murder-Suicide — Is Domestic Violence To Blame?

Murder-Suicide Harris County Houston Texas

A father from Houston, Texas has committed a horrific act, leaving his entire family dead — including himself.

The man reportedly shot his five-year-old daughter, before also shooting his wife and finally himself. The man was 36 years old at the time of the incident, while his wife was 37.

All were found dead in their Kendall Manor complex apartment shortly after noon by relatives performing a welfare check after it was reported that the family had not responded to their communication for some time.

Some worrying signs included the fact that the family’s car was still parked outside, but nobody was answering the door.

All bodies were inside the bedroom, and the weapon used in the murder-suicide was recovered as well.

The situation is currently under investigation, and authorities have been quiet about details of the case, refusing to release any additional information for the time being.

The only thing that has been reported so far is that the situation seems to be rooted in domestic violence, although no further clarification has been provided. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez did say that the family was Hispanic.

He added: “It appears to be an apparent murder-suicide with a total of three deceased. There is still a weapon at the location as well. Family members are out here on the scene. They’re obviously very traumatized by what’s occurred. The initial information that we have is that this is a total surprise. There were no apparent issues that they knew of or cries for help. These are always the most horrific scenes when there is a child involved. We simply can’t make no sense of it.”

Rumors claim that the family had been having problems for a while, although the situation had never reached the point of violence until then.

It is not clear why the man had decided to murder his own family and take his own life, and the incident has left many puzzled.

Investigations are still ongoing, and it will likely be a while until authorities are ready to come forward with more information about the incident. The identities of the three people have not yet been revealed.

Many people have condemned the act on social media and are urging those in toxic relationships to leave before it is too late.


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