Man Raps About Killing Girlfriend After She Goes Missing; He Is Now Charged With Capital Murder

Robert Camou Amanda Cluster Rap Missing

A man from Monrovia, California, 27-year-old Robert Camou, also known as Robert Anthony Camou, was reportedly recorded rapping about killing his girlfriend — and the song was more than just a fantasy, as he has allegedly decided to go through with the heinous act.

Camou has been charged with capital murder, and this was not his first brush-in with the law either. He could end up with life in prison or death< if he is convicted.

He was previously arrested on a warrant for domestic violence, indicating that his violent behavior is nothing new for those around him. Camou’s girlfriend, Amanda Cluster, 31, has been missing since July.

Authorities now apparently have good reason to believe that the man they have in custody is responsible for her death, and they have pinpointed July 29 as the likely date on which she was murdered.

The woman’s body has not yet been found, and it is not known if authorities have been able to make any other connection between the man and her disappearance.

Camou was caught on video on July 30 by a man named Michael Moore, who told the media: “At first it was like, did he say that? He said that. And he said it with such force. I think that everyone in the bar that heard him kinda stopped. Time just stopped. And there were some hardcore rappers up in there, and they stopped.”

While at an open mic, Camou told an audience in Los Angeles: “I kill my b—h and bury that b—-h in the f–king dirt. The cops trying to look for me and I’m f–king trying to shut my mouth.”

However, the amateur rapper was still charged with the woman’s death, and it looks like authorities have a good reason to believe that he is at least responsible for killing her.

He had previously beaten and strangled the same woman in a domestic violence incident, for which he had his arrest warrant out in the first place.

There have reportedly been no comments from the man himself regarding his actions, and it is not clear if the video can be used as sufficient evidence that he was actually behind the murder.

The case is still developing, so it will likely take some time for additional details to come out.

For now, authorities say some witnesses saw Camou with the lifeless body of Cluster in the back of his Pyrus.


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