Woman Swallows Engagement Ring While Sleeping — She Even Had A Glass Of Water With It

Jenna Evans San Diego California Engagement Ring

A bizarre incident has resulted in a trip to the ER for a woman, Jenna Evans, from California, after she came to the realization that she had swallowed her engagement ring while sleepwalking, and her fiancé, Bob Howell, had her back throughout the entire ordeal.

Evans reportedly woke up to find her ring missing and was immediately confused about the situation.

The San Diego woman then remembered having a strange dream in which she was trying to escape from some disaster on a train, and her fiancé told her to eat her ring so that she could keep it safe.

Going on that hunch, the woman went to the hospital, where a scan revealed that she was indeed correct — the ring was in her stomach.

The woman explained that she has some recollection of swallowing the ring, but brushed it off because she believed she was dreaming, somewhat ironically.

She added that her fiancé needed some time before he was ready to believe her about what had happened, but afterward, they were both able to laugh about the situation at length.

Evans got her ring back sooner after proper sterilization; now it is suitable for being worn again.

Jenna Evans San Diego California Swallows Engagement Ring

In her own words, Evans wrote: “I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water riiiight about the time I realized what I was doing. I assumed this too was a dream, because WHO ACTUALLY SWALLOWS THEIR ENGAGEMENT RING, so I went back to sleep.”

She continued: “I don’t think he believed me right away. We laughed pretty hard for about an hour and a half. [My fiancé] Bobby finally gave my ring back this morning – I promised not to swallow it again, we’re still getting married and all is right in the world.”

The story has quickly gone viral, with many people questioning how the woman could swallow her ring in the first place without even noticing, although stranger things have happened to people while they were sleeping — many of them documented too — so the story is probably not too far from the general norm.

A lot of jokes came out of this incident and some people are still laughing.


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