Jessica Simpson Leaves Her Husband Alone With Another Woman

Jessica Simpson Husband Eric Johnson Another Woman

Numerous fans of Jessica Simpson were somewhat surprised after her husband, Eric Johnson, was pictured having fun without his wife at the beach with another woman.

In photos published by British media outlet The Sun, the 41-year-old spouse of the Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous star was recently spotted walking side by side with Kristin Burns, a renowned photographer, who also worked with the singer and her family in the past.

Following the unexplained outing, pictures of Johnson and Burns started circulating over the Internet.

The snaps showed the former football player dressed in a gray T-shirt and jeans, while Burns wore a blouse in dark red color in combination with shorts and a black cowboy hat.

According to a bystander, Johnson and Burns took a long walk together and seemed to be chatting excitedly about something.

An eyewitness told The Sun: “They put their feet in the water, and at one point, they gave each other a high-five. I thought it was Jessica, but then when she turned around, it clearly wasn’t.”

Burns and Jessica Simpson have worked together over the course of many years, and the photographer was present at the birthday party of fashion mogul and former athlete’s daughter, Birdie, in March.

Burns has also worked with Jessica Simpson’s sister, Ashlee, in the past, and according to her bio, her client list includes plenty of popular names such as Placebo, Soulja Boy, Mick Jagger, and Linda Perry.

The photos surfaced online just weeks after Jessica declared her love for her husband on their wedding anniversary.

The businesswoman said in her sweet message: “11 years STRONG… 11 hearts filled in every passing year with unconditional, passionate, inspired, fascinating, supportive, beautiful, tempting, ravishing, exquisite, sublime, marvelous, honest, happy, adored, ideal, incomparable, powerful, mesmERIC, LOVE. Our connected hearts are praised and celebrated on this serendipitous day. I knew the night we met, the fate of you locked the key to my searching heart and simply held my soul with love and honor. Then, now and for the rest of my life, I am fully and always yours and you mine. Gaining access to your heart to dwell and reside in is the greatest gift I will ever rest within until the end of time. Time goes by, the perfect children you gave me are growing older, but with you and I, time does not exist, for it only allows space to broaden…expanding beyond horizons just to love and be loved. Happy Anniversary to us, the beauty of us- as-is and forevermore.”

Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson offered her fans some insight into her personal life as the celebrity released her autobiography Open Book.

In the read, the singer and actress opened up and admitted that she was the victim of sexual abuse that took place when she was still a child.

According to Simpson, her abuser was also a female that was slightly older than her.


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