Jay-Z Is Accused Of Being The Father Of La’Teasha Macer, Who Posted Several Photos That Angered Beyoncé’s Fans

Jay-Z Beyoncé Alleged Daughter La'Teasha Macer

It appears that the family harmony in Jay-Z‘s life is about to be put to the test, as recently a female from Maryland announced she was fathered by the “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” lyricist.

Jay-Z has been married to Beyoncé for 12 years, and they share three children Blue Ivy and twins Sir and Rumi Carter.

The 28-year-old alleged daughter of the famous rapper, La’Teasha Macer, shocked many when she took to Instagram last week to tell the world in a lengthy message who was her birth father.

According to Macer, she kept the secret for too long despite growing up in a city where everyone allegedly knew the identity of her parent.

Macer also shared that in time her mother developed multiple sclerosis, and she had to take care of her when she became “24-hour bedridden”.

As a result, Macer apparently “kept it all together” and raised four children, including a set of twins, while attending school and working two jobs.


The words of the alleged firstborn of the 50-year-old rapper were met with suspicion from many followers of the popular social media platform, and a lot of people deemed her for lying.

However, Macer’s aunt defended her niece, as the woman shared a message.

She explained how she introduced Macer’s mother, Lisa, to Jay-Z years ago in Cambridge, Maryland.


According to the aunt’s story, the rapper and Lisa became intimate, but he was not informed about the pregnancy.

When Macer tried to contact Jay-Z at the studio of Roc-A-Fella Records, she was turned down by an employee who did not believe she was telling the truth and told her that numerous women called every day, claiming they were expecting a child from the hip-hop star.


A follower said she hopes that the MC will reach out to Macer soon and added: “Wow, amazing how we age and look so different from our prime years 💖 your mom is a beauty. I hope you are able to get all the support for your mom. And I hope you’re able to connect with your dad soon.”

Macer was called out for posting several photos of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy: “I personally think the fact she went to social media and posting Beyoncé and Blue is disrespectful. Because Beyoncé wasn’t around when jay was doing his dirt.”

An Instagrammer said that Macer should have handled the situation in a private setting instead of putting Jay, Beyoncé and their children on blast: “Even if you are his daughter. This is such a strange and manipulative way to go about it. You clearly need the money, and you should have it if you are his child. But this is no way to ask. Like this is ghetto af!!! 😩😩😩”


This social media user had this comment: “Notice I said she should definitely receive some money If she is his daughter. I just don’t like people going about things in this way. It’s just really cringey and shows a real lack of self-awareness. Most of the people under this post are laughing. They don’t care about her issue. And this is what I mean. We can’t keep taking everything to the blogs to insta to twitter. Deal with real shit. IN REAL LIFE.”

Should Jay-Z make a move?


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