Nick Cannon Claims He Had An ‘I Could Care Less’ Mentality While Dating Christina Milian

Nick Cannon Christina Milian Split

The situation between Nick Cannon and Christina Milian is all good now, and they have nothing but love for each now. However, this was not the case a few years back.

After a three-year relationship, they decided to split after Milian caught her boyfriend cheating. Milian herself recently opened up on the breakup — which happened more than ten years ago -– proudly proclaiming that she had “hacked” her boyfriend’s phone in order to catch him red-handed.

Cannon decided to share his side of the story, claiming that he was at an age where he did not care about the repercussions of his actions.

He was also apparently trying to get caught on purpose — or so he claims — having set his phone’s password to simply “0000,” and even dropping hints about that to his girlfriend so that she would eventually catch him.

The media personality said: “I don’t think I did anything wrong. I wasn’t cheating, and you got to be in a relationship to cheat. We not going to get into the details but I would say the way I believe if she went through my phone and all that, and back then is what I told her and I will tell her now, but if you go looking for something you gon’ find something.”

He added: “And I’m going to tell you this, if a man, I’ll speak for myself if I am careless enough to allow myself to get caught then that means I wanted to get caught. The word is careless, and you know what careless means…I could care less. I was at an age where I didn’t care.”

The explanation provided by Cannon has drawn mixed responses, with some of his fans believing him, while others convinced that he was trying to save face and clinging to straws that nobody would even fall for.

Cannon has not offered any further explanation on the incident, but he is likely waiting to see how his former girlfriend would react as well.

His new statements do seem to add some new context to the whole split, but they certainly do not do anything to paint him in a better light, especially in the eyes of those who disapproved of his cheating in the first place.

And that was not a small crowd.


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