Antonio Brown Is Done With The NFL After The Patriots Dropped Him Amid The Britney Taylor And Second Woman Cases

Antonio Brown Is Done With The NFL

Antonio Brown took to social media on Sunday morning to announce that he will no longer play in the NFL.

The shocking announcement comes two days after the New England Patriots released the 31-year-old wide receiver.

Brown was fired after it was revealed that he had sent threatening text messages to one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Brown’s former trainer, Britney Taylor, accused him of rape and filed a civil suit in South Florida federal court.

A second woman, a painter, has come forward and said Brown had exposed himself to her while she was working on a mural at his Pittsburg home two years ago.

The second accuser’s legal team quickly alerted the NFL about the “intimidating” messages.

Brown, who might have been able to find a new team after the NFL completes its investigation in the Taylor case, has put himself in more trouble with his latest tweets where he mentioned other former NFL players who had faced similar accusations.

He brought up Ben Roethlisberger, Shannon Sharpe, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Some experts say social media contributed to the downfall of the controversial former NFL star.

Brown always felt the need to tell his own story via the different social networking platforms without much care for his overall brand and reputation.

Without this constant need to communicate, Brown might have been richer and still have a career.

A viral farting video featuring Brown illustrates perfectly the idea of him being too present on social media.

The video showed Brown farting on his doctor while being tested for body fat, a lot of criticism rained down on the athlete, with many calling him unprofessional and disgusting.

An article even came out afterward with statements by Dr. Victor Prisk himself, in which he confirmed that he found the situation to be very unusual.

This drew even more heated comments towards Brown, and it seems to have cost him a portion of his fan base.

However, Brown appeared to have a different version of the story. According to the free agent, an exchange of text messages between him and the doctor that took place a year ago paints the situation in a different light, as it shows the doctor is bragging about the whole ordeal and indeed not sounding uncomfortable.

The conversation was published by Brown himself, who wanted to explain his side of the story, and he was eager to defend himself against the many accusations that have come his way.

It is also worth pointing out that Brown is currently the target of a lawsuit by the same doctor, with allegations of unpaid services thrown his way.

According to Brown, the doctor is intentionally trying to shame him in public in an attempt to draw attention to his situation.

However, some have doubted the legitimacy of the messages, claiming that Brown might have faked them in order to distract from his lawsuit and overall attitude towards his doctor. A lot is unknown in the current situation.

However, the farting story is in line with Brown’s constant need to be defensive on social media. He would have been in a better position if he left some things to slide from time to time.


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