Heartbroken Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall Explains Why She Was Forced To Give Up Her Favorite Activity As She Replaces Prince Philip In A Historic Role

Camilla Parker Bowles Injured Her Back

It appears that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, has been forced to pause her new active workout regime, for she has revealed that she is dealing with a back injury.

Prince Charles‘s wife confessed that the injury resulted from the exercises she was doing.

Royals fans believe that it is clear that the Duchess will have to take a step back from keeping herself fit, and will have to relax a little.

It is fantastic that she has been able to continue to pour so much work into herself at the age of 72, further adding to the unpleasant nature of the recent developments.

However, many of Camilla Parker Bowles‘s followers agree that she needs to prioritize her safety and her health above all else, even if it means toning down her workout regime for a little while.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Camilla said this about the exercise that led to her injury: “You’ve got to zone in and do it, but you know, I did hear the odd sort of crash to my left and right! I got it on Facebook, so I for Sarah on Facebook. But then I manage to, obviously doing something wrong, I did something to my back. So, I had to lay off for a bit, but I can’t wait to get back to it. You feel so well after it.”

She also revealed that she has teamed up with a group of friends to dance and have fun.

She shared: “I gathered together a group of likely candidates in the form of friends, the same age as me, and I said ‘look, you know, we’re going to be Silver Swans,’ they all howled with laughter and said ‘you must be joking.’ So I said ‘come on let’s give it a go,’ so we all arrived in our black leggings and T-shirts ready for the dance. We did think we’d be getting complete hysterics, but we all had to concentrate, we concentrated so hard you don’t dare look to the left or right.”

In any case, Camilla confessed in the same radio show that she had taken a recent liking to the Internet after being forced to use it while going through isolation. This is a significant change from her previous attitude, which looked down upon all technology and avoided it in her life.

Her name is also dividing supporters of the royal family, some are not sure that she should become Queen when Prince Charles takes over. However, she did receive a new military role this week, she is replacing Prince Philip as colonel-in-chief.


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