Antonio Brown’s Rape Accuser, Britney Taylor, Is Not Enough To Prevent Him From Playing Sunday

Antonio Brown Britney Taylor Rape Accusation

After Antonio Brown, 31, was accused of raping a personal trainer named Britney Taylor, 28, in a civil lawsuit; various details have been making their way to the public; they have been painting the situation in a more and more mysterious way.

Recent reports indicate that the two had initially met at a Bible study in 2010 while in college, where they were paired together as study partners. This was stated in a lawsuit filed over the alleged rape.

It took some time before Brown allegedly committed his act though, as the two lost touch for a while, only to reconnect in 2017 when Brown was already a professional player and contacted the woman on Facebook to ask her for help with improving his flexibility and strength in his ankles.

According to the lawsuit, Brown barged into the woman’s room while she was changing her clothes, and attempted to forcibly kiss her despite her constant refusal.

The woman was surprised by the attack because she thought she had been on the same page as Brown regarding their relationship, and did not see him as a potential partner.

The whole situation is quite unclear at the moment. Brown has been distancing himself from the accusations as best as possible, but this already seems to be having an impact on his career.

It will likely take a while for the truth to come out — if it ever does — and by that time, the New England Patriots’ receiver’s career might be damaged permanently.

For the time being, he is fighting back hard. He said on Instagram: “The work don’t stop. No matter what they say, no matter what they hate, somebody’s still gotta go to work. Call God. In a time of crisis, all I ask is love, dedication, and focus. Stay focused. The devil is going to try to bring you down when you get closer to your goals. The key is, don’t let him.”

He also added: “I was thinking about it. All the basketball players in the world, all the soccer players in the world — they get love and embrace. Maybe we need a football U.S.A. team so the world can love us because all we get is hate.”

Since there is no criminal investigation in place, Brown is eligible for his debut on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

Fans are hoping that the real situation is brought to light, whatever it may be.


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