Toni Braxton, 51, Looks Young And Sexy In New Instagram Photo; Some Fans Are Angry At The Body Positive Post

Toni Braxton Tamar Great Body

Toni Braxton has no shortage of supporters; they are always praising her stunning looks at the age of almost 52.

The living legend recently made a new post on social media in which she claimed to be feeling “20 years younger,” and drew a lot of positive comments from her fans and followers.

Toni showed lots of skin in a mirror selfie along with some underboob. Toni made it clear that she has no doubts about her looks either, even after going through certain health issues and medical procedures.

Tamar Braxton‘s sister has been dealing with a case of Lupus for some time now.

It is clear that she has a lot of dedication for her health though, as she has been actively working out, taking good care of her body, and doing everything in her power to ensure that she does not slip up.

And from what fans can tell, it is definitely not been for nothing.

Some of her fans have even pointed out that she can be seen as a massive inspiration for any woman regardless of age, and she should be looked up to as a strong role model.

Some of the comments about her recent sexy pictures noted that she did look like she was in her 20s, with many people agreeing to that.

One fan said: “You have more class than others, but your body is still beautiful keep it hidden never know your next suspect Toni remain a classy lady ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜.”

Others claimed that Toni should cover-up.

This critic revealed: “Why buy the cow, when the what?? No shade, really but she done whipped up a milkshake for the universe to see.. the mystery is gone. Chivalry doesn’t exist because of things like this. It is cool to celebrate your black, don’t crack-ness…But do it with dignity and discretion. It is so much I feel about posts like this. You are going to get what you put out there. What man wants to share his wife with the whole world? There’s nothing left to be desired. To me, this is a desperate cry for…..something….that no human being…no man….no child….can give. I know ppl going to think I’m hating, but that’s the last thing I’m doing, just trying to explain to our next generation what exposure like this can do to your life. This is no shade, no jabs thrown… hate. Just what I feel as a young black woman living today.”

A third person made this remark: “The definition of self-respect t and self-worth is on a case by case basis and is veeerrryyyy subjective. So, pls don’t ‘push’ your own perceptions on someone else. It’s after all, still a free world, and we all have our individual liberties .”

Toni has never looked better.


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