Atatiana Jefferson Had A Gun, But Her Dad Will Not Be Hugging Her Accused Murderer, Aaron Dean

Marquis Jefferson Aaron Dean Atatiana

The case of Atatiana Jefferson, who was shot and killed by a police officer named Aaron Dean in her own Texas home, has taken a sour turn, as the woman’s father, Marquis Jefferson, has voiced harsh criticism towards the former Fort Worth police officer, claiming that he did not share the sentiments of the family of Botham Jean at all, and had no intention of hugging the man who killed his daughter.

Marquis Jefferson was referencing the recent tragic incident involving the murder of Botham Jean, a black neighbor, who was also killed by a former White police officer, Amber Guyger, in his own Dallas home last year.

The grieving father stated: “Unlike this Botham Jean, I don’t want no hug. That’s my one and only daughter. I will never forget that.”

Atatiana’s stepmother, Noella Jefferson, added: “We have lost her for no reason. We have seen many cases like this where you think that they would have learned from it.”

The late pre-med grad’s aunt, Venitta Body, also explained: “It’s like from the moment we got the call, it’s been more and more inconceivable and more confusing. And there has nothing been done in order to take away that confusion.”

Jean’s murderer received forgiveness from his family — to some extent — and was even hugged by the judge who sentenced her, in a very controversial move.

Adding to the tragic nature of the story, the woman was reportedly playing video games with her nephew, who is just eight years old.

She went to the window to see what the commotion outside was, at which point she was shot and killed by one of the officers by her window.

The police were performing a welfare check after a neighbor had reported that the woman’s door was wide open at past 2 a.m.

It is not clear why the officer decided to open fire instead of attempting to verify the woman’s identity first, even more so when she was sitting in her own home.

The case is still unfolding, but it looks like the officer involved will face a particularly harsh treatment because many people are still sour over the killing of Jean. Dean was charged with murder and released on a $200,000 bond.

One commenter reacted with: “Nah, they got me like this before. I’m not happy until he’s guilty with life and no hugs.”

A second observer added: “I wish the victim’s family the best of luck, and hope they receive justice. 💞”

The case is taken a political direction, and candidates for president have started talking about it. It was revealed on Tuesday that Atatiana Jefferson pointed a gun at the window.

Her nephew is the one who told this to authorities.


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