NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Breaks His Silence On Antonio Brown’s Situation

Antonio Brown Roger Goodell NFL Return

Despite all his legal drama, Antonio Brown is hoping that an NFL team will sign him and for the first time, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to address the matter: “We’re still working at that. I will probably be getting an update when I get back to New York, but our folks have been working diligently on that, going through materials. There’s a lot of material to go through. When we reach a conclusion, we’ll obviously let you know.”

Meanwhile, the situation around Brown is not improving at all, and the former NFL star now has had to deal with even more serious accusations.

The woman who previously stated that Brown had sexually harassed her in his own home now claims that he had also sent her threatening text messages, and has decided to come forward with them and make them public.

Brown had allegedly included the girl in a group chat and referred to her as a “broke girl,” asking people around him to investigate her.

One of the messages accused the woman of having no integrity and respect for herself, claiming that she was making up the accusations for money or fame.

A text said: “Really sad, you would make up bull s—t story to the world thought u had more integrity n respect for yourself must be really hard times for to make up some stuff for money super sad.”

A picture of the woman and her children was posted as well, along with the simple request to look up who she was. Some of the people in the group chat joked about the woman’s financial situation, calling her broke.

The texts were described as intimidating and threatening, and have been submitted directly to the NFL by the woman’s own attorney.

Brown has not responded to the recent developments, but in an ironic twist of events, he has provided text messages of his own for another case he is dealing with at the moment.

Brown seems fond of using texts as proof in situations like this one, so he will hopefully not mind the fact that the woman has decided to publish his own messages to her.

It will be interesting to see how the story continues to unfold in the near future and if Brown will be able to get a new team after getting fired by the New England Patriots.


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