Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Is Accused Of Heavy Photoshopping Her Body After These Scandalous Bikini Pictures Leaked

Lottie Moss Kate's Sister Photoshopped Pictures

Lottie Moss has been seen partying on a yacht in Mexico despite the coronavirus pandemic, and her steamy bikini photos are making headlines. She is getting slammed for the heavy photoshop and for setting unrealistic beauty standards for women.

The 23-year-old sister of supermodel Kate Moss wore a rainbow-colored bikini set as she left little to the imagination while dancing and drinking with friends and looking relaxed as she spent time away from home.

She accessorized her skimpy outfit with a silver necklace and danced barefoot on the deck of the boat on Wednesday afternoon.

Kate Moss’s sibling made sure her bum was visible in all the photos, which sparked a heated debate.

Many on social media noticed that she uses heavy filters, photoshop, and gimmicks to appear to have more curves and a bigger booty.

A woman took to social media to make this point: “That honestly makes me sad. Women believe they cannot be beautiful with their own features. Small boobs, small butts are just as beautiful as bigger ones. I don’t blame these women for surgery, and I understand why they did that and why they photoshop their pictures. They are insecure about their bodies because of what we see every day on Instagram, YouTube videos, tik tok… Beauty is subjective, and being beautiful doesn’t mean being flawless. Your flaws are your beauty, your identity. We should be proud of what makes us different from other people.”

Another follower stated: “I wish bodies were not normalized according to standards and what we think but how beautiful they are and what we are made of.”

Under the national lockdown restrictions in England, people cannot travel abroad except for limited reasons, including work purposes.

A source claims Moss has traveled to Mexico for work purposes, but social media users questioned the rationale for her visit after the photographs of the boat party emerged.

She was also seen wearing a white T-shirt as she sat on a sun lounger and chatted with her pals while they drank from red plastic cups.

Currently, in England, passengers must show proof of a negative PCR test when they land at the airport and must self-isolate for the next 10 days.

The new rules come after travel corridors were removed earlier in January, which means all travelers arriving in England must follow the new procedures.

Lottie Moss joins many other celebrities in being criticized for traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.

And last month, she was branded a “Covidiot” after filming an Instagram live where she kissed her friends and claimed they were “super-spreaders.”

She later apologized for the video, referring to herself as “young and dumb,” and explained that it was an “insensitive joke” after somebody had typed “super-spreaders” in the comments section, and she repeated it.

Under the current restrictions in England, people must not leave their homes except for “reasonable excuses,” which include shopping, exercise, work, and medical reasons.


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