Russell Crowe Is Unrecognizable In New Airport Picture With Hands Down His Pants

Russel Crowe Unrecognizable At Airport Gladiator

It looks like some actors age better than others, and after a recent controversy surrounding Matthew Perry has cleared up, the crosshairs have moved over to Russel Crowe, who has been targeted by some critical comments by his followers after a recent photo of him started circulating.

The picture was reportedly taken at an airport and showed Crowe scratching his back and butt while looking a bit out of his element.

Many noted that the Gladiator actor, a 55-year-old father of two, had gained quite the belly, and although he was trying to look comfortable in the situation, it was clear that he was not.

This is not the first time fans have seen a photo of the legendary A Beautiful Mind star that has generated some controversy, with a previous shot of the actor on the set of Unhinged showing him in a completely different light, but still not a very positive one.

Crowe has not responded to any of the discussions about him so far, and he has made it clear that he is above these stories for the most part.

Still, some of the actor’s fans are genuinely worried about his wellbeing.

Crowe used to look quite a bit differently in the past, and he has lost a lot of what made him so glorious in the eyes of his supporters.

And while it is probably unreasonable to look as far back as his days as the Gladiator, it is hard to argue that he can probably do a little to get his situation under control.

One person had this reaction to the viral image: “The weight isn’t the issue here, folks. It’s that his hand is down his pants playing with his ass .then go to the bathroom for ass sake. I mean, he has to know he’s gonna be photographed. He obviously has zero shame in his game 😂Now he’s going to take that hand and touch everything in sight.”

Another commenter bashed the paparazzi who took the photo by saying: “You guys are the first to call people out for saying insensitive things and promote cancel culture, yet you post this. How is this okay? “Body shaming”……….. ”

A third Instagrammer wrote: “Have y’all seen The Loudest Voice…… Leave that man alone…. he’s a genius….”

Crowe made a lot of noise this year with The Loudest Voice, a limited Showtime series in which he portrays Roger Ailes, the man who turned Fox News into a success story and lost his job in a #MeToo scandal.


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