Kaia Gerber Breaks The Internet With New Bikini Photos — Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Confirms That The Apple Did Not Fall Far From The Tree

Kaia Gerber Cindy Crawford's Daughter With Rande

Kaia Gerber proved that the apple does not fall far from the tree, as the 18-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber flaunted her impeccable figure with a couple of new pictures on Instagram.

It seems that the young model decided to take a swim in the pool of her Malibu house, where she has been self-isolating, and she documented the event with a series of bikini photos.

In one photo, Gerber appeared in a skimpy swimsuit that highlighted her toned figure, and in some of the pics, she was swimming underwater.

One backer told the model: “Even your shadow is beautiful ❤️, just like a mermaid. Take your time…stay young…stay innocent.❤️✌🏾😊”

Another supporter encouraged her after critics compared to her iconic supermodel mother: “Listen up, everyone! Kaia gets so much hate, yes, a lot of love too, BUT, too much hate. If you have nothing nice to say, DO NOT SAY IT! Not everyone is the cookie-cutter image of what your “acceptable” or “perfect” should be. No, I don’t agree with every little thing that she does, but I’m a decent enough person not to call someone out on something I don’t specifically like. Please, I’m so done with hate and negative energy right now, please be nice.”

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best friends

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The model recently opened up about how her life under quarantine was, and with a couple of posts, she offered her fans a glimpse into her everyday schedule.

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The teen is currently dedicated to spending time with the puppies that she fostered. In a different pic, Gerber showed how she feeds one of the animals, while in a second photo, she posed with another pup that she called her “BFF.”

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almost forgot about jeans

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In a third snap, a puppy can be seen sleeping peacefully, and the model wrote that she was able to foster the dog through the Labelle Foundation, which specializes in helping dogs.

Gerber’s name was recently involved in the swirling rumor that she was dating Disney star Cole Sprouse.

However, the 27-year-old actor was quick to address the speculations about his love life, and on Sunday he updated his Instagram page with a new story stating, “I tolerate a lot of rumors and slander from people online claiming to be my fans,” but people went too far when they started attacking his friends.

Gerber has been a magnet for controversies in the past year. Will the drama affect her career?


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