Vanna White Replaces Pat Sajak As ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Amid Health Challenge — Fans Wonder Who Will Take Her Spot In The Meantime

Vanna White Pat Sajak Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak will have to take a break from hosting Wheel of Fortune, according to official reports, as he needs to undergo emergency surgery due to a blocked intestine.

While the host is reportedly doing fine and is expected to pull through without any major complications, this had thrown a wrench in the works of the show for some time, until the producers were able to find a substitute.

It does not seem like it took them long, though, as Vanna White has been announced as his temporary replacement until he is back from his surgery.

White has a lot of experience with the show already, as she had been a co-host and puzzle model for numerous years now.

It remains to be seen how her performance will be taken by fans of the show, as it would not be the first time that a change in a popular game show would draw controversial responses.

However, based on the comments so far, most people are positively charged about the new development and are expecting to see something interesting from White’s hosting performance.

It remains to be seen how long she will be on the set as the primary host of the show, and there have been rumors that it might be a while before Sajak returns.

Hopefully, he will be able to make a fast recovery, as his career was going relatively well until this incident.

Many fans of the veteran game show hosts have taken to social media to wish him well. They also have one question — who will replace White?

One viewer asked: “Prayers for a speedy recovery to pat. Who’s taking Vanna’s place? I always wanted Vanna White to do more on the show than to work with letters.”

Another commemter shared: “Bravo Vanna and get well, Pat! Wishes for a speedy recovery for Pat… we will miss you. Who’s going to turn the letters.😱”

This follower wrote this kind message: “Poor little thing Vanna we’re here for you!!! I think she can handle it after 37 years of watching Pat do it. But WHO WILL TURN THE LETTERS?”

A fourth supporter asked: “Ok, but WHO is flipping the letters if Vanna is hosting?”

Sajak is recovering from the emergency surgery.


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