Female Anchor Alex Bozarjian Is Seeking Criminal Charges Against Runner Thomas Callaway Who Slapped Her Butt In Viral Video

Alex Bozarjian Thomas Callaway Runner Savannah Bridge Run Georgia Butt Slap

Alex Bozarjian, 23, a reporter in Georgia, is seeking criminal charges against Thomas Callaway, 43, the man who slapped her butt during the Savannah Bridge Run 10K over the weekend.

After WSAV-TV journalist Bozarjian was slapped by youth minister Callaway from behind while she was reporting live in front of the camera, the anchor took it to social media to express she felt violated and embarrassed by sharing a video clip of the offense taking place.

Bozarjian was doing her job, reporting for the ongoing Savannah Bridge Run in Georgia on Saturday, when one of the joggers ran past her and hit her on her bottom, leaving the journalist in total shock.

However, it seems that the anchor’s initial surprise was replaced with anger about what happened because later during the day, she shared the clip and stated she was greatly offended by the slap.

After the footage was posted on Twitter, the incident was brought to the attention of many viewers and, more specifically, to the people who were responsible for the organization of the popular event.

Representatives from the Savannah Sports Council then claimed on social media that they had found the identity of the man responsible for the offense and have shared his information with the reporter and her station.

Additionally, it was decided that such behavior was not to be tolerated and the offender was banned from registering for all Savannah Sports Council owned races.

The Bozarjian’s case was reportedly taken to the Savannah Police Department as well, and a spokesperson for the officers stated that the police were definitely going to work with the journalist, and it was up to her on how to move forward with the incident.

At that point, the reporter had not revealed the identity of the man who slapped her, and it was unclear if she was going to press charges against him.

A report has now revealed: “Ms. Bozarjian stated that she wanted to pursue criminal charges against Mr. Callaway.”

The young female reporter has also refused a direct apology from the creepy runner.

She stated on CBS This Morning yesterday: “It’s not OK to help yourself to a woman’s body just because you feel like it. He hurt me, both physically and emotionally.”

Callaway has shared an apology during an interview with Inside Edition Tuesday night: “I have taken so much away from her… I never intended to. I feel awful; I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I apologize. This was not right. It was an awful mistake.”

Bozarjian said she needs time to see if she will accept Callaway’s apology.


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