Kate Middleton, While Pregnant With Princess Charlotte, Had An Awkward Encounter With Demi Lovato

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The first time Demi Lovato met Kate Middleton, she was pregnant with royal baby number 2, which turned out to be Princess Charlotte.

Saying that the meeting was awkward would be an understatement. British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall was standing in a line-up with the “Sorry Not Sorry” artist.

She watched Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, approach for a brief meet and greet at the Royal Variety Performance.

Whitehall pulled a trick on the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer that could have left her in a rather embarrassing situation.

Whitehall, who has a rather wicked sense of humor, revealed that he was standing next to Lovato in the line-up, and they were both nervous about being face-to-face with Kate.

Lovato, who is from Texas, was not used to the many and sometimes complicated royal protocols, and she made the terrible mistake of asking Whitehall for some advice.

Instead of helping Lovato, Whitehall pulled a prank on her. The former child actress asked about the protocol around the royal baby bump and wanted to know if it was acceptable to talk to the baby.

Whitehall told Lovato the following nonsense: “The Duchess of Cambridge, I think, would be offended if you don’t have a little feel. Demi took this at face value because she did not understand it was a joke.”

He added that his wild joke could have gotten the songwriter escorted by the police. He shared: “As Kate Middleton’s coming along the line, I suddenly realize that we’ve got a situation here where either I need to step in and tell her and look like a complete d*** or potentially Demi Lovato from Frozen is about to get taken out by a police marksman.”

Whitehall, who hosted the event that was attended by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, joked that the Royal Family should sell some land to help out the country.

He said: “Even the Royal Family are doing their bit, aren’t they? “Last year, I watched the Queen’s speech, I watch it every year, and in it, the Queen said that even the Royal Family ‘we’re making some really big cuts this year and we’re even considering selling some land.”

He added: “I thought that is a brilliant gesture. I also thought, though, someone really needs to tell the Queen about Cash for Gold. Sorted! Kerching!”

It was an eventful evening.


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