Heidi Broussard, Missing Texas Mother, Has Cops Looking At Every Possible Suspects As Fiancé Shane Carey Says He Did Not Hurt Her And Baby Margot

Shane Carter Heidi Broussard Margot Austin Texas Missing Mother Baby

Heidi Broussard, a Texas mother of two, and her baby daughter, Margot Carey, disappeared without a trace on Thursday, leaving her partner, fiancé Shane Carey, devastated.

The 33-year-old mom, Broussard, and her little girl, Margot, who is only three weeks old, were reported missing after her fiancé, Carey, did not find them at home last week, and he called the police at around 7:30 p.m..

Furthermore, the Texas man has fiercely claimed that he has nothing to do with the absence of his fiancée and daughter.

According to police, the last known whereabouts of Broussard were on Thursday morning, when she brought her son, six-year-old Silas Carey, to the Cowan Elementary School in Austin.

It is believed that then Broussard and the child got back home. An image from a campus security camera confirmed the theory, as it showed the young woman walking on the school grounds, dressed in a purple sweatshirt.

Meanwhile, Carey stated that the last time he saw his fiancée was before leaving for his shift on Thursday morning, and later at around 8 a.m., the couple exchanged a phone call.

Heidi Broussard Missing Texas Mother Shane Carter

Carey claimed he then tried to reach her again but unsuccessfully as her phone was not switched on. After he finished work and came home at 2 p.m., only to find Broussard and Margot were not there.

Nothing was stolen from the couple, as Broussard’s vehicle was parked unlocked nearby. Inside the car, her bag was discovered with all of her documents and cash still there.

Later during the day, Carey was informed by the school that Broussard did not show up to pick their son, so he went to bring him back home.

When he returned, Broussard and the baby were still not back, so he contacted the police after waiting for a few more hours.

Investigators are not ruling out any suspects at this time. Detective Brad Herries, from the Austin Police Department Violent Crimes Unit, shared: “We have reason to believe that both of them were back at the apartment complex after being at the school.”

He continued with: “We’re exploring every avenue we have and every possibility. It’s possible that Heidi and Margot left on their own accord. It’s also possible that there could be something nefarious or foul play involved.”

The couple has been together for over ten years and is also raising Carey’s older child from a previous marriage.


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